Casually living with color

Years ago I avoided bright colors like the plague and everything had to be muted and old looking, and had to go together just so. I will even admit to going in to homes I had designed (Patty you know who I’m talking about…) and complain that the toys had to be removed, because they ruined the color scheme… I know – awful behavior. Amazing what motherhood can do. Now I love a casual, imperfect colorful home. Whether it’s strong colors on the walls, or just a piece of furniture adding a bright pop of color. I want it somewhere! I have to agree with Jonathan Adler, there are no colors that clash! (if used right….had to write that…)


Would I ever have liked a room with cobalt blue, baby blue, black, brown and beige with texture?? NO!!! I would have hated it. Now I think it’s perfect casual imperfection. Perfectly matched colors are boring.

kristenbell-instyle4a cheriflamingoTexassusanne$15.40

Flowers mixed with chrome and beige??

Below is my favorite design magazine articles of late from Canadian House & Home. Talk about living colorfully! The brighter the better.

Picture 014


Why are so many of us cautious when it comes to living with colors? Maybe you want to add just one color to begin with, and see what that does. Maybe you’ll get the bug–

Picture 7

I’m convinced kids like living with vivid colors. I think the more the better. I told Luke the other day that we can redesign in his room, to make it a little bit more grown up. And I asked him for his ideas. He got all excited and said I want FLAMES all over the walls!!! Hmmm…. art_flames

I’m always game for fun ideas but I have to admit I’m hesitating. I think I’ll give him some time to hopefully change his mind. Flames will be a bit to intense even for me!! But maybe we can paint his bunk bed orange.


Interior design:Barrie Benson


This room makes me smile. I found it on the sweet blog The little Shop and fell in love. It has all the colors you can think of. Do you think it clashes?

Picture 011

Another picture from the House and Home article. I wish more people wouldn’t be afraid of living with color.

Julie Richard Web Details-41shelter


kristenbell-instyle4de metcntmp25246-139duralee

How can Kirsten Bell ever be depressed coming home to her house LA?

Julie Richard Web Details-36

You can start out with just buying a great accent color on a lamp, or chair, to get used to a punch of color.

Picture 009

Another great image from Canadian House & Home


Orange, red, brown and white anyone?


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11 thoughts on “Casually living with color

  1. I LOVE color! I always have. I remember when I was a child I was super attracted to rainbows. I loved bright colors on everything. My mother did not want me to have a room decked out in full on rainbow, so she compromised with tiny rainbow colored heart fabric curtains. Oddly enough, today I just purchased a duvet with rainbow colored hearts all over it for my niece. I am making her room super colorful and this duvet matches perfectly.
    And when my husband and I purchased our first home I went wild with bright yellow, lime and turquoise. Although, my father said my kitchen looked like a toxic waste site, I didn't care because it made me happy.

  2. Oh, and one more comment about color. I asked my son what color would he wants his home to be when he gets older and he said "brightly colored polka dots all over." Can't wait to see if that ever happens! 🙂

  3. love all these happy images!!!!!! and i get in and out of mood with color- kind of seasonally it seems… loving clean brights right now but find myself wanting more muted ambers in the fall…

    beatiful post!

  4. The colors add the life, energy and spirit which would be hard to achieve by just using neutrals….what a statement !!!

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I've been thinking the same things about color lately, too; working on Violet's room has made me embrace bright pink, turquoise, and purple- all together! I have to tell you, her brother, who is 7, told me I was to do his room in "green and black, with Ninja Turtles"…boys.

  6. Wonderful post! I too love color and I love the title of your post, "casually living with color". As a mother to a 2 1/2 year old, I find that I am drawn to homes that are family friendly with pops of color.

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