Finally…welcome to Jill Sorensen Lifestyle!

I’m back! 

I apologize for the silence, I had to stay off the blog to have it redesigned and moved over to new url. It was supposed to be a quick process, but everything seems to take a lot longer than you anticipate, particularly if it has anything to do with websites and programming!! Web addresses have moved and improvements are still being made so I hope all of you still get the posts. If you have any trouble, or do not receive my blog posts please e-mail me!

Anyway… I’m happy to finally introduce you to my new re-branded website(s).  I heeded the advice of experts and decided to simplify my approach to my business. So now my design firm, label and site is called simply – JILL SORENSEN.(the portfolio site will go live later this week) I always used to wonder why people would lack imagination and use their own name…LOL…now I know why.  The e-commerce site LiveLikeYou is now called Jill Sorensen Lifestyle and will include only my own designs.

I hope you enjoy it, sign up to the mailing list &  share it with your friends!

JSHeader JillLetter IMGP0036

I’ve added a new pillow collection done in 100% linen embroidered in all kinds of mixable colors.

On the couch above is left to right- Amethyst Mark Pillow, Apple Regency Pillow, Turquoise Monogram Pillow, Lavender Regency(coming soon) and Azure Blue Mark Pillow .   turqmonogram

Turquoise Monogram Pillow


Amethyst Mark Pillow

photo(5) copy

A lot of the upcoming designs have been influenced by what’s around me these days…


Here Bellybutton(Luke named him when 5) is modeling the Apple Monogram Pillow and Azure Blue Mark Pillow on the Orange Key Duvet.

Sea Green Monogram

Sea Green Monogram Pillow


Gorgeous Cali flowers.


Papaya Monogram Pillow 1 copy

Hopefully the blog will now function correctly and you will hear from me on a much more regular basis. Fingers crossed!

If you would like mix and match suggestions feel free to e-mail me [email protected]. And if you are a designer and want to set up a trade account you can e-mail Mehreen at [email protected]


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2 thoughts on “Finally…welcome to Jill Sorensen Lifestyle!

  1. Congratulations on the new site and re branding. It's a TON of work but it looks amazing!! PS, I received my email post just fine this morning. 🙂 Hugs, Amy

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