Installation day for a client

The easiest and quickest part of designing for a client is coming up with a design, style and colorway.  The hardest part and the majority of the job is to come up with solutions for lifestyle, storage, lighting and all kinds of practical things.  And then there’s a huge amount of hours spent ordering and tracking shipments. You really can’t make a move without having a measuring tape in one hand, a hammer in the other, a phone in your ear, and be ready to move furniture around at all times.  But when you install a job you do get to see how something you imagined in your mind come to life. And that’s a lot of fun.

We just installed a job this week, my camera battery went dead, so for now I only have a few Iphone images to share.

You get to see how something like this…

..a 30 second drawing I made for a Marmalade Design private label headboard for my client’s daughter. (It might not look so great on paper, but I know what it was in my mind.)

You get to see it turn in to…

..this. Here the guys are installing it.  I picked a fuchsia velvet with slight sheen and used nickel nail heads.

It designed a flat top to fit into the room’s slanted ceiling. It’s called “The Rebecca Headboard”

After sketching it I go over to Cris….

…and we measure and draw it out on wood to get just the right shape.

I loved seeing it in real life!

I got to see how my Marmalade Design private label KEY DUVET in BLUE looked.

It was wrinkled straight out of the package in this quick Iphone image. And you can’t see the color combination’s here either. But it picked up on the blue which is on the pillows and curtain trim in the room.

Oh well later, better pictures.

Instead of opting for a Pottery Barn or Ikea chair if you want it budget and kid friendly, I took a vintage chair…

…like this one, and turned in into a little fantasy chair…

…with dalmatian style polka dot print. Everyone can have a Pottery Barn or Ikea chair, but only one little girl in the world will have this. That’s what I like about it, and recycling.

All items had to be scotch guarded to be protected from kid spills.

In the kitchen I added another vintage piece that looked great to begin with…

…but I re imagined it spunky yellow.

So many antique dealers and vintage dealers probably cringe at some of my makeovers.

Oh do I wish I had a great image, because this piece is so happy in here! Just the sunshine the gray walls needed.

It has silver fixtures now.

This chair below I had up holstered in a leopard for my client’s previous home a few years ago.

But now I redesigned it to look like this…

…in olive green with mod black fabric seat.

Well at least I had my Iphone…I’ll share better pictures soon!! But it’s always the best part to see how something comes together. To see that the colors look right, and that a piece fits perfectly in a spot.

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24 thoughts on “Installation day for a client

  1. Oh my goodness- so much fabulous, I don't even know where to start. I ADORE the headboard- like in crazy way. Your spotted chair is so sweet and love the yellow dresser- it's all gorgeous!!

  2. The headboard looks like something from a cinderella fairytale. A true princess bed. Gorgeous!

  3. Love it all Jill and my favorite part if reinventing what the owner already had and recycling the gorgeous vintage pieces…can't wait to see more! Just awesome and so colorfully happy!

  4. Everything you do is pure perfection…you know that, right??? I love all the pieces so much I can't even describe it!!!

  5. The headboard looks like something from a cinderella fairytale. A true princess bed. Gorgeous!

  6. This will sound silly, but it never occurred to me that you could fill in a chair back where there was only a hole previously! I feel very inspired by your white/black chair and I shall look at auction chairs differently now. Thanks Jill!

  7. Ms. Fabulous! And your rooms are always soo happy! Which goes so hand in hand with your personality, Jill. You are the designer to team up with! (And who wants a room that is depressing…? ).

    Tack foer kommentaren idag. Jag ringer innan jag aaker. Kan jag fixa naagot aat dig i Stockhom?

    Warm hugs to you my friend,


  8. All of these transformations are WONDERFUL! The yellow cabinet, chairs, and headboard, all terrific. You must have been so gratified to see the final results. You have found your niche in life. Congratulations.

  9. åh vilken fin sänggavel! som en dröm! 🙂 Kul att din bror tipsa dig, kanske finns några män som läser min blogg ändå 🙂 ha ha. Måste vara kul att jobba med inredning på sättet du gör. känns som de funkar på ett annat sätt i usa ön hemma 🙂

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