Design obsession – Beni Ourain rugs

Many of you design fans have probably seen Beni Ourain rugs all over the blog world already.  They are in so many design magazines and copies are showing up everywhere.  I’ve always loved the look of this Moroccan carpet but lately I’m getting obsessed.

They work in any kind of interior, classic, rugged, modern and minimalist and make any space warm and sophisticated.  It’s a berber rug made by the women in the Beni Ourain tribe who live in in the Atlas region of Morocco. They weave them in patterns inspired by natural events in life like birth, fertility, rural life or spirituality.  Some people who made them even believed that the rugs could ward off evil spirits.

Perhaps another good reason to get one?

The abstract and primitive pattern in brown or black on an almost always cream or white background makes it classic and timeless.  Some have a shag like look, while others don’t.

Image Elle Decor.

They can carry a modern, formal look.

Interior design Amber Interiors.

They also look fantastic and warm in a more relaxed interior.

Images here and below from Lonny Magazine.

Low key chic.

Image via Lonny.

In Jenna Lyons office at J Crew.

Also in her well documented townhouse.

Stylish “ruggedness”.


Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and World Market have all jumped on the Beni Ourain bandwagon and make decent and affordable copies. However with the supply of them out there you can find an old one that won’t break the bank. And owning the real deal in my mind is the way to go.

Hmm..just in case they ward off evil spirits…you never know.

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7 thoughts on “Design obsession – Beni Ourain rugs

  1. Yes!!! One of these days – and the real deal!

    Happy Valentine's pretty, creative and lovely lady and friend!

    oxox Mon

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  3. Jenna Lyons is a force to be reckoned with. She has transformed J.Crew into a staple American brand in the closet. I love her preppy approach without appearing too nerdy or naive.

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