Design,design, design, design,design….

Whoa!  Been designing pretty much non stop for DAYS! Finishing up some design plans for a few clients, and I’ve had my nose buried in colors, measurements, fabrics and furniture! Since we came back I’ve also done almost daily consultations. I have such a blast doing them. I love meeting so many nice people , all ages, all backgrounds, all with different dilemma’s but with one thing in common. All in search of creating a lovely home.

Marmalade Inc. my design firm is going full speed ahead, and it could not happen without one person. If you look carefully you can find her in the picture below….

We we’re taking some pictures of the new design and it needed to be upright!

LILY, my great assistant, has been working for me for 6 months and is the friendly person you speak to when you call in, or place orders on LiveLikeYou. She also creates all the beautiful graphics we have on any of the sites.

AND….she really does everything.

This headboard design will go on the site and be available in a few colors, charcoal, black, and purple. It’s 72″ high.

We have now named it after Lily.

Here’s a snap shot of my work table the other morning…

So many great fabric and wallpaper designers. Here are some —Caitlin Wilson textiles, Katherine Rally and some vintage Schumacher wallpapers. And of course Florence Broadhurst, my new obsession.

IN case you didn’t know, the KEY Bedding is now available in HOT PINK.

I’m very happy so many people enjoy my bedding.

If there are any additional colors you would like to see, e-mail me! Two more designs are coming out.

And here’s the shipment that arrived from India this week. Lily is shipping all this out to Joss & Main customers today. Hope you enjoyed the sale.

And whenever I have a second to step outside to take a break…

…I love breathing in the smell of the Wisteria.

Spring is here and the garden in full bloom

I hope you all have a really great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Design,design, design, design,design….

  1. Hi girlie, no wonder you have no time for me…! (: Happy, happy for you! And good for you for giving your lovely assistant a shout-out! You are one talented and good-hearted lady.

    We need to talk! Yes, really! Let me know when you can spare 5 minutes.

    Stor kram i rymden,


  2. Congratulations on finding such a great support. Great assistants are hard to come by and it sure sounds like you have a gem in Lily!

    Loving the bead heads, and your new hot pink key linen. Go girl!!

    xx Charlotta

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