Yoga retreat in fire damaged Ojai

I don’t know about you, but with the stressful state of our country and also the worrisome issues sprouting up in Sweden I find myself sometimes reading several hours of news a day. Hours I should be working I’m instead immersing myself in politics, which of course only adds to more stress and more worry. It’s simply exhausting.

Adding to the constant barrage of the news is the increasing perfection put on display on social media and blogs. It’s no wonder people feel out of sorts or confused these days!  I’ve become allergic to all things shallow, greedy and narcissistic.

Am I alone? Are these things bothering you? Please share! I want to know what you’re thinking.

In an effort to stay positive and centered I’ve started to focus inward on meaningful things, what I can do to help others, how I can make positive change. I also recently completed a TM meditation course and Ive become a regular yogi after years of resisting.

This past weekend my mom came to town from Sweden so we headed to a women’s yoga retreat in the badly fire damaged but magical village of Ojai.

My friends put together an annual yoga retreat every year in a beautiful house on a hilltop in Ojai. As the Thomas fire ravaged a few weeks ago it looked like the place wold burn down, but luckily this little pocket survived when all things around the house vanished in the fire, all the way down to the edge of the yard!

Ojai is known for it’s fruit orchards and the yard here is filled with orange and grapefruit trees….

It’s really special to be able to pick a grapefruit off the tree and eat for breakfast.

However,  behind the house you can see grey charred mountains all the way down to the back of the house.

The entire mountain range surrounding the house as far as you can see are burnt down to the dirt.

Just grey mountains as far as you can see. So sad.

I wanted to come here and support this little community that suffered so much.

The Ojai valley has a spiritual vibe to it and this little perch although looking out at all the damage was heaven.

Yoga took place in a guest house/garage on the property.

If you left the yard this is what you would see….

Houses burnt all the way to the ground.

Every day items melted and cars burnt  in garages.

The damage was shocking.

Driving though Ventura county was like driving through an area after a nuclear war.  Many areas still smelled like ashes in places.

The avocado orchards have been damaged and work has been done to try to save them.

I can’t even imagine how the animals must suffer with nothing to eat up on those mountains.

They say it takes five years for vegetation to grow back.

Under the starlit dark nights though the place still had not lost it’s magic.

If you want to help here people and animals in fire ravaged areas here a few organizations you can support.

Help of Ojai

Upper Ojai Relief





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2 thoughts on “Yoga retreat in fire damaged Ojai

  1. I agree with you about the state of affairs! I won't watch the national/world news anymore. I will watch the local news and read our newspaper but that is about it. I do know what is going on in the world and do not have my head buried in the sand. My head and heart just can't take it at times and I need to step away. I'd rather use my time in a more positive way by spending time with my 9 year old daughter playing a game, playing outside, or just reading a book on our sun porch. I'm sure we are not in the minority in this either!

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