Which firescreen should I pick?

Hope you had  a great Labor Day weekend. Summer is officially over and it’s time to get focused!  For me that means get this house done once and for  all!

The double sided fireplace needs a fire screen – can you help me pick out a favorite?

I need to select one for the kitchen side first.


The windows have black shutters and the kitchen has a lot of gold accents.

Jill Sorensen Interior Design - One Room Challenge Kitchen Makeover

Jill Sorensen Interior Design - One Room Challenge Kitchen Makeover

Black windows and black doors…

You can see through the fireplace in to the TV room that has note yet been done.


This is the carpet that will go below a grey cement top dining table with black X-legs.


Now what fire screen would you pick?


# 1. Loops in gold


# 2 Plain black one from Crate & Barrel


# 3 One with fancier circles?

Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 12.20.43 PM

# 4 This Chevron one from Crate & Barrell and powder coat it in gold?


# 5 Twiggy Leaves from One Kings Lane.

Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 11.04.17 PM

# 6 Or this sweet leaf and birds patterned one from Horchow?

Do you have a favorite?

If you have any other great suggestions or sources, please leave links in comment section. Thank You!


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6 thoughts on “Which firescreen should I pick?

  1. I think with the curve of the faucets and the curves on the barstools I would choose #1. I love everything you’ve done with your house so far, simply beautiful! And fun to be a part of your journey. Thanks!

  2. #1 or #5 – I like the gentle waves in the twigs – it marries nicely with your pendant lights. #5 also is a combo of clean/modern & retro that you have going on.

  3. Number 3 or 5, especially b/c you have gold all over & I love the curves of no.3.
    PS. You're place LOOKS FABULOUS! Wouldn't expect anything less:)
    Goodluck with your pick!

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