What great photography can do…

Last week I was asked to be in the Style Mama series (and share things about LiveLikeYou) by the lovely Thara from Rebel Mom.  Pretty funny particularly since everyone who deals with me daily knows I’m prone to jeans and t-shirt any moment I don’t have to dress up for something.  So my super duper talented friend photographer Tanya Malott came in to town to shoot and, I just have to share some images with you because I LOVE her photos.  She is so talented!  She is mostly known for her beautiful portraits, and amazing wedding pictures. ( you must not get married without her!!!)   She is now fortunately for me adding her magic on interiors. I will share lots of her beautiful pictures in the coming weeks.

You can read the Rebel Mom article here. Thanks Thara!

Tanya has traveled the world for years capturing all the beauty around her. You can visit her website here.

So last Friday afternoon, I arrived home stressed after a tough day and we began to shoot.  We had such a blast. The portrait for Rebel Mom I of course wanted to take in my favorite spot….

The tiny  “Chanel Hallway!!

Photographer Tanya Malott via Rebel Mom.

I’m just thrilled how photogenic this little hallway is.  You can pretty much put any piece of furniture in it and it becomes a set. Ahhh the magic of black and white, Dorothy Draper and Chanel were so smart! I’m seated one of my custom vintage redesign chair that we have on LiveLikeYou.

And another aaaah the magic of a great photographer…just to prove to you what a great photographer Tanya is.  This is what I normally look like, just so you know I’m not kidding…

Me with my glasses, camera and my big gulp (not really but could be) outside my house! ahahaha

Oh my what great photography can do…

Here is a tiny sneak at another shot I LOVE!

My own carpet design THE ELECTRIC carpet. The carpets will be available to order on my site in 4 colorways within the next two weeks.

But this time it’s not an illusion the carpets really look exactly like this!!!

Image Tanya Malott

ELECTRIC carpet in RED.

Hope you enjoyed Tanya’s photography!!

Are you having a good summer? Like a true Swede I’m suffering in this heat!!

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8 thoughts on “What great photography can do…

  1. Omgosh Jill love love these images of you. The red shoes are to die for and so are your new carpets. You are so right about good photography it makes all the difference in what something looks like. I have no skills what so ever in that dept. Have a great weekend, Kathysue

  2. I am sure Tanya is a fabulous photographer – but also look at the model – Vogue material!!!

    Can't wait to spread the word about your carpet line!

    Njuter av semestern i fulla drag! Inte ett moln paa himlen och armarna boerjar saa sakta att faa lite faerg!

    Kram och njut av helgen!


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