What fabric should I pick?

I hope you’re enjoying some time off.  Perhaps you are away on a fun vacation, or relaxing at home. I’m hanging out at home with Dan’s family, and trying not to juggle a million things at once like I do with my work!  But it’s funny, as soon as you have time off at home, don’t you always find something that needs to be done??

I’m getting ready for a couple magazine shoots here, (will share later) and there are a few design details that remain to be done.  I’ve decided to upholster a vintage chair in a really fun fabric and use in the foyer. It will be the first thing you see as you enter this colorful house.

I have a few fabrics that I love, and I want something unusual- (unfortunately when you work in design you feel like you see everything all the time!!)

Here are some of my favorites. Which one do you like?

The YELLOW BAMBOO  Florence Broadhurst is leading the pack for me.

Kind of obsessing over that one.

The Grey and yellow circles on top from Lewis & Sheron is really nice too.

If you don’t know my house, here is the foyer….

…yes super bold and yellow.

The pink chair in the corner really belongs in a bedroom, so the vintage chair is going there.

YELLOW BAMBOO- Florence Broadhurst and LARGE IKAT from Duralee comes in many colors.

I also love this fabric from John Robshaw Duralee collection

Unusual colors in an Ikat.

He also has this one in orange and pink.

The living room which you see when you enter is turquoise, yellow, purple …

….and all kinds of colors.

Then I found this fabric on Design Indulgence blog….

…I need to get a sample!!

Jim Thompson’s Bamboozle rocks.

…yeah this might be the one…

Which one is your favorite?

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14 thoughts on “What fabric should I pick?

  1. Bamboozle is a good choice if you are considering that one since it was last I wasn't sure. I liked the green was that LARGE IKAT ?

  2. So I am totally crushing on the pink and orange I have to say. The yellow bamboo is a close second however, I think the orange and pink will be a great change of pace. I love!!

  3. My two favs are the two John Radshaw for Duralee Collection, the pink, gold and natural ikat will
    really pop against your yellow walls.

  4. All of the fabrics are wonderful, especially that Bamboozle. But I must say I prefer the Large Ikat in green from Duralee. I think it would pick up the lovely thread of green you have going from the door, to the urns on the fireplace, and to the fabric on the tufted sofa. Not to mention, quite a wow moment as you enter. I adore all of the colors you have used throughout your home, especially that smashing graphic Chanel-inspired hallway and that amazing guest room, to name a but few…

    So yes, I think the green would introduce a grounding thread throughout a web of fabulous color in your beautiful home.

  5. The bamboozle! I have always loved your foyer and think the pink chair was a nice pop. So while I love the yellow bamboo I think it won't be enough of a statement. Just me 🙂 love your house! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I vote for the green & white. The fabrics are all good, but the green would play off the other green in the room and make a big statement in your awesome house.

  7. Jill, our Hines showroom carries Jim Thompson, so you can come down and get a real sample! I also love the green ikat and the Robshaw.

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