What color should I paint the front door?

This week the we start with phase two of the renovations – the outdoors.

The entire house will be painted, walls will be fixed, lanterns will be hung, a deck will be built by the pool and a grill and an outdoor bar will be designed and installed. The color scheme is of course what I always think of first.  The house will be painted a nice ranch house white with the garage doors and all the iron fences and the gate painted black.  I’m even considering painting the outdoor window frames black.

The front door and kitchen door however need a fun color.  This is what it looks like now…


The stone tile will be stained darker and the house will be white. I just got a thick large coir carpet with a black frame and monogram.

I’m loving these bright yellow doors….


So cheerful to come home to.

The house is a curious mix of midcentury and Spanish so I can go either direction..


I love a white house with black accents and a bright yellow door.


I’ve picked out some potential Benjamin Moore colors.

However, coral is irresistible too…


Hmmm..I could go in this direction.

Then Gwyneth Paltrow’s house in LA with the elegant navy front door is also tempting.


It’s just so classic and elegant.

What do you like?  Do you have any great suggestion?

Would love to hear!



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