What a way to end the year!!

If you follow this blog you know 2011 was a very tough year, so after a difficult holiday season I’m happy to say it ended with a slam dunk! We were invited to view the Times Square New Year’s Eve event from the production offices.  I’ve always wondered why over a million New Yorkers squeeze in to Times Square on New Year’s Eve and freeze. Well I wonder no more. It was the most magical New Years eve in memory…It didn’t make matters worse that a couple of minutes after we arrived Luke was approached and asked if he would like to be interviewed by Jenny Mc Carthy on live TV. So we spent the evening right below Ryan Seacrest (in case you watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s eve on abc) and got to partake in what Luke calls an “epic” night.

It started with almost an hour walk through a “Christmas like” NY with several hundred thousand people…

It was weirdly warm…but the most Christmas feeling I got the entire holiday.

After navigating the crowd we finally arrived to Time Square. Luke had his two bodyguards..Dan and his brother Chris escort him down to “set”.

It was a great spot, out of the crowd, yet smack in the middle of it all. We stood here most of the night. The show took place on stage to the right. Ryan Seacrest, Silo Green ,Lady Gaga really…can it get better? (Don’t know who the mysterious man is in pic…)

No better place for New Year’s eve than right here.  Luke was very excited to be asked to be interviewed. He of course didn’t know who Jenny Mc Carthy was.

It could have been his lucky hat….

Here is the little man in  a practice run. The interview was supposed to happen at 10 but got moved to 11.45pm. The dude in the hat!!

Here he is with Jenny Mc Carthy. They needed three little boys, but it turned in to five.

The producer ended up asking him to remove his hat.

Right after Lady Gaga sang they asked the kids a few questions.

In case you were watching it was on right before midnight and Silo Green. We stayed to watch the lowering of the ball. (Only have video at his point and don’t know how to add.)

(news image)

After Lady Gaga and the mayor launched the ball, our favorite part of the evening came….



It feels like New Year’s eve should feel…finally!!

While the confetti is falling “OLD LANG SYNE”, “NEW YORK, NEW YORK” echoes through the city blocks, followed by “IMAGINE”. It was unbelievable. What a show, what an amazing night.

We were speechless taking it all in. Luke was grinning ear to ear.

Did you know you can call in or e-mail in a wish to be written in to the millions of confetti?

It’s people’s wishes for 2012  pouring over your head!!! Not all of them have wishes, but a lot do. Luke caught the first one that said ” To become closer to God”, that he felt was a message to him.

Then we caught this…

Well I hope you get to meet Katy Perry whomever you are!!!

Fireworks, Lady Gaga, Silo Green, Luke on TV, and confetti falling over us  like rain, what more can you ask to ring in a new year, and out with a difficult one?

Here’s to a great 2012 everybody!!

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20 thoughts on “What a way to end the year!!

  1. First I want to say love your new heading…looks fantastic and love that it is all your designs! Second HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR…looks like you all had an awesome time! Charlie would so love to see the interview with Luke…he'd get such a kick out of it. Our New Year was what one would call low key…I've just been waiting patiently to go into labor, so I fell asleep early. Now 3 days later I'm still not at the hospital. I've been thinking about you all a lot and have been sending well wishes your way! xoxoxoxo Danielle

  2. That sounds amazing Jill! We watched from about 11:50 on so I'm sure I saw Luke! How funny and exciting and memorable! After a sad end to 2011, I'm so glad for this beginning to the new year for you and your son.
    Wishing you a happy 2012!

  3. Well you answered the very question we asked this year as to "why?" but it sounds wonderful and I love the fact that some of that confetti has messages…makes it somehow personal amongst a million people…what a nice treat for you and your family after a difficult year (btw…cool hat on your son!)

  4. Wow…what an experience. Luke is a lucky kid to have been interviewed by Jenny M. And how cool is it that you can have them write a message on the confetti….I wonder who has that job lol. Happy New Year Jill….may this year be as beautiful as ever all around, and wishing you much success. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us this year. xo

  5. Ok, my friend, this is giving me the chills! What a night!

    And what a great way to end a very personal and painful year and ring in a new year full of new energy and smiles. I can't think of a more deserving family.

    Luke looks so proud! And so do you!

    Cheers to a really good and happy 2012!

    Du aer baest.

    oxoxo, Mon

  6. Awe Jill! SO NICE TO SEE YOUR PICTURES & HEAR ABOUT YOUR NEW YEAR'S! Bittersweet, life is Bittersweet. I think it's great that you are able to create new & amazing memories for you & Luke! A NEW chapter, but never to close the book on the old. If only we could read your memoir's- my, oh my!
    If only your reader's knew about your life before? Your modeling career, your AMAZING life stories, the people you call friends (and aquaintance's), the place's you've been, the people you've met, (our boat trips alone, my-oh-my!!!), the homes you've built (just the Beaver Creek house alone, would make ANYONE'S mouth just drop- pictures don't do it justice! With each room having it's own theme (PLEASE POST PICTURES!) continued…

  7. ALONG WITH…the money you've raised to help others, your fearless way of approaching EVERYTHING! I'm a small witness (but can say to everyone) THEY would be baffled by YOU & your accomplishments- along with the people you have loved & called "friend"! I'd love to hear what Luke would have to say about you? Or what your Mother, Father, Brother, Jenny & of course, Daniel would have to say??? My point, it's so nice to see you SO HAPPY and enjoying an opportunity in Times Square like you did and most of all- It's SO WONDERFUL to hear that Luke had "ear to ear" GRIN, on his face ALL night (especially, after losing his dad, 3 weeks ago)-You've shown him that WE HAVE TO KEEP ON SMILING & CONTINUE TO CREATE WONDERFUL MEMORIES, that's a wonderful lesson in itself! Bravo! With Love & Admiration, Julie

  8. I forgot to mention the movie you & Jenny wrote, produced & starred in! Where can we se it? It was SO funny! Girls (model's) in NYC trying to date, work & just getting through "this livin' business were in! Hilarious- with scenario's taken from real life. The audition scene where you had to dance, need I say more?
    Oh, how I could relate!!! Now, beside's "Marmalade" (wasn't that the name?)- someday, you must walk us down memory lane-andm the movie roles you've been in! It's a shame- they cut your scene out of Forest Gump- but at least you got the role, AND filmed it!?! I encourage you to share more! But, I'm afraid your humbleness won't allow- please re-think? If anything else- "it's certainly ENTERTAINING!" And, that's what your reader's are here for. Somehow, I know it all ties in with your creativity & sense of design- so please consider:~))))

  9. OMG — I watched Jenny interviewing those boys and had no idea that was Luke! Awesome! You both deserved such a wonderful night — here's to a bright and successful 2012 for all of us! xoxo

  10. OMG – what an amazing night – i had a change to do time square for 2000 when i lived in Boston but decided against it the last minute – after reading this i wish i did it. Love the pictures and reading all this – just fabulous post! Happy New Year – i am due in 5 weeks so getting close!

  11. hi there. i'm new to your blog and i just wanted to say that i loved your vivid description of New Year's Eve in Time Square. the photos are great too. i remember hearing that there are wishes on the confetti, but i had never seen it and i wondered if that was true. i also have wondered why people would stand out there all night in the cold.
    i'm glad you guys had such a great time and i hope this new year brings you guys blesssings, good health, and prosperity.

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