What a remarkable coincidence!

Something very serendipitous happened this week.

I know you’ve heard about my obsession with the banana leaf wallpaper from the Beverly Hills hotel here on the blog a million times.

I even wallpapered our laundry room with it a few weeks ago…


Not only is the laundry room our little slice of the Beverly Hills hotel, I’m even slowly turning the guest bedroom and bath next to it in to a my version of a Beverly Hills Hotel suite.


The rest of the house is now ready to be wallpapered so I’ve spent the last three weeks hunting down great wallpaper people which has been tough.  I finally decided to just randomly call a paint store in Santa Monica.  The person who answered the phone informed me that they don’t work with wallpapers but she gave me a number to call.

That number led me to a wallpaper store and they said they would come out and measure the rooms to be wallpapered.


Mike the very entertaining owner from Israel showed up which he doesn’t normally do unless he knows the client or designer. He shared his 40 year career in the wallpaper business and his work with many great designers in town.

He also had lots of tips for me on some of the wallpapers we will soon launch.


Then he took a peak in to our laundry room and said…

“The Martinique wallpaper, I wallpapered the hallways of the Beverly Hills hotel with that wallpaper in 1967!!


I just about fell over!



Photo Beverly Hills hotel via Angels of style blog.

To me those hallways might just be the most iconic wallpaper anywhere.

What a remarkable coincidence…


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