We've arrived!!

After a long flight and a long drive, we’ve finally arrived way out in the country to spend time with our family in Sweden. For three weeks I’ll be working and blogging from here. I guess it would be called a “workaction” instead of working 70 hr weeks (I know insane!!), I’ll be cutting down and working only 40…The thing is, work is fun…we’re renovating our guest house here, and I get to share some beautiful Swedish designs and homes.

This is the last part of the drive still light late in the evening. Rush hour is rough around here…

This is downtown Torp, the village with only seven houses which we live in. This is the road through the village in one direction from our house….

…and this is the other direction.

We said hello to our neighbors horse on our first late evening walk. That’s our house in the background, behind it is a beautiful lake…

I’m thrilled to be back enjoying this late night view from my bedroom. When I bought this old house the previous owners had boarded up the windows in here. You wonder why they didn’t want to enjoy this view?

This is the only telephone in the house. An old sixties rotary phone. Refreshing break from all the endless phone calls at home.

Even on a cloudy might it’s still this light at 11pm as we walked through “town”. The sun never really sets this time of the year. Today was cloudy, rainy and cold but we couldn’t have cared less! We’re all enjoying the fresh crisp air, and the incredible silence and peace.

I’m not completely remote – I do have my laptop with me. And I did get wireless service last year so I can work from here. This is midnight (we’re jet lagged) -you can still see the light out on the lake from the midnight sun. Can’t wait for a sunny night when the sun shines and the sky is bright pink. Then it looks like this throughout the night….

…which makes it pretty hard to ever want to leave.

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4 thoughts on “We've arrived!!

  1. Please give Luke a BIG hug and hello from the gang at Ballantrae Farm!!!!! We miss him like crazy. Enjoy your time in your peaceful oasis. It looks spectacular.

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