Welcome to the Live Like You blog!


Photo: Jennifer Jaunsch

Hi friends,

Welcome to the Live Like You blog!

Since arriving to America from Sweden I’ve worked as a fashion model, actress, screen writer, producer and interior designer and I guess now…blog writer.   I want to share with you lots of amazing interiors, the latest and greatest in furniture, renovation stories and tips, my favorite homes and hotels, and tons of design advice and ideas to help you make your home great!

I guess you could call me a design addict. I admit to going to the super bowl with my face buried in an interior design book the entire game, and I don’t think I’ve been to a friend’s house without moving furniture around or solving a design dilemma (even if it’s in the middle of the night!)    I can even sit through a really bad movie just to check out the interiors or the color combinations… There are just so many ways to create amazing living spaces!  As my 8 year old son says “Mom you’re all about design, aren’t you?”

Not exactly, but using my love of design to improve people’s lives intrigues me.  Good design should be available to everybody, on any budget, to create a better life and environment for themselves.  I created the upcoming www.livelikeyou.com website to be able to reach lots of people, not just my design clients, making interior design free, purchasing easy, and aid people in living the way they dream of.   Sharing all things design, with some humor along the way I hope this becomes your obsession too.

I hope you’ll visit often!


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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Live Like You blog!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Ikea has surprisinlgy nice curtains for an unbeatable price $44 for two panels. Several companies carry nice affordable drapes -check out " target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;www.urbanoutfitters.com” target=”_blank”>;www.urbanoutfitters.com " target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;www.anthropologie.com,” target=”_blank”>;www.anthropologie.com, " target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;www.westelm.com,” target=”_blank”>;www.westelm.com, <a href="http://www.potterybarn.com.&quot;” target=”_blank”>www.potterybarn.com." target="_blank"><a href="http://www.homedecorators.com ,www.potterybarn.com.</a rel=” target=”_blank”>" target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;www.homedecorators.com,www.potterybarn.com.” target=”_blank”>;www.homedecorators.com,www.potterybarn.com. If you want something custom you can find a Calico Corners in your town and have one made for a decent price as well. Keep checking back with Livelikeyou when it launches in early February we'll have lots of curtain suggestions.

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