Welcome Gourmet Butterfly!

It’s not a joke when people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, it really is!!

Unfortunately (as all my friends know) the art of cooking has completely eluded me. Therefore I’m especially excited to welcome one of my dearest friends, Kersti Bowser as the first regular contributor on the LiveLikeYou blog!! Kersti and I go way back to our “old” modeling days with Ford.  After gracing multiple magazine covers she decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef. I’m so proud of her!!

She now owns one of the top culinary and food styling companies in New York, the Gourmet Butterfly.  It doesn’t matter what show you tune in to, any famous chef, there’s a good chance Kersti has prepared and styled the food that looks so perfect and delicious.  She works harder than anyone I now, while still being a great mom and an inspiration to those around her.  Here on the blog, Kersti will share how to design your kitchen like a chef, share her unbeatable recipes or sources, and take us all behind the scenes on shows like The View, or whatever fancy cooking show she is shooting that day.

Image Swedish ELLE.


Kersti worked for Tyler Florence for a long time.  And since I’m such a nightmare cook they had me guest host an episode of FOOD 911 where Tyler teaches me how cook Swedish meatballs.

This is a little embarrassing but you can watch it here. The recipe it worth it. It’s the best meatballs I ever ate!!  I had an all day lesson, but honestly I still have no idea how to do it.

This is food Kersti cooked and styled. These images make me think of a well designed room. Love it…food that’s this beautiful, and then you get to eat it too.

Kersti has worked with the best of them…

..whether it’s preparing delicious food for Cat Cora….

…or cooking Turkey dinner for the fab four “Queer eye for the straight guy”…

…working the behind the scenes of Ms.Willan’s cook book launch…

…the Ozzie Osborne show…

…setting up shoots for Sandra Lee…

..or making cookies for my favorite crush Elmo.

WELCOME Kersti – I’m so excited to have you on LiveLikeYou!!

P.S. Even if I have nothing in the fridge when she visits, she can whip up the most amazing things. And her annual delicious egg dishes at 4am after Knock Out are notorious…

…oh, and she is Swedish…

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13 thoughts on “Welcome Gourmet Butterfly!

  1. First off, welcome Kersti! I look forward to following you along and read your post… and maybe learn a thing or two as well! Will you be sharing some of your favorite receipies maybe? Jill – WOW! LOVED watching you cook Swedish Meatballs with cutie pie Tyler. You're not totally useless in the kitchen though! You even made me eat broccoli for the first time in many years! I've never made meatballs like Tyler's, as I follow my grandmother's recipe, but it looks so delicious. I'll have to try it next time! YUM!

  2. I am so excited to be a part of the Live Like You Family!
    Not only has Jill been a wonderful long-time friend, but has been a creative inspiration through out the years with her wonderful sense of style in the home and frankly has the best closet I've ever seen!

    She and I were always brain storming back in the day when we were models…coming up with ideas of exercise videos, restaurant concepts and finding boyfriends for our girlfriends.

    Roll the tape forward two decades and she has this amazing company!

    Thank you Jill for inviting me and Gourmet Butterfly Media onboard. It will be fun to share my journey of the culinary media world. XO-Kersti

    1. Kersti – I just stumbled onto Jill's blog from another Swedish Interior designer. Then found you on here. Love your stuff and really looking forward to reading about it. I am also a Swede and live in Seattle, WA and I write a food blog. Nice to meet you!

  3. I am soooooo excited! I have always wonderd who was on the other side of the food….now I know! I cannot wait to see what ya'll have in store.

    Btw: I love swedish meatballls, and food 911 was one of my favorite shows back in the day. Tyler is a sc boy! (off to check out the episode to see if I remember it!)

  4. Wow! What a treat to have such a talented culinary addition to Live Like You! I'm so excited!!! I loved watching you make Swedish meatballs with Tyler Florence! It's so cool you did that! Now I'm hungry and excited to try the recipe! 🙂

  5. Such a great idea! I'm especially looking forward to Kersti's behind the scenes gossip and finding out how they manage to make the food look soooo good on TV, movies and magazine shoots.

  6. Oh how fun Jill! I am so looking forward to this series with Kersti! A great idea and I can always need some new, fresh recipes right at the tip of my fingers!

    Bamsekram till er baada.


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