Week # 4 ORC – Adding value to the house

I was so happy to get the e-mail from Linda at The One Room Challenge today that let us know that for the first time in ORC history we have ONE extra week to get the rooms done. Due to so many natural disasters some participants in some states have endured unusual circumstances so the extra week helps. The new reveal date is now Wednesday November 15th.

I’m not delayed due to any natural disasters, nor is it the pressing 100 degree heat here in LA – I’m just delayed period! Hardly anything has arrived yet and the main chairs for the room we just found out won’t arrive on time.

The room however is a fun red and one of the carpets arrived.

This week I headed out to Superior Moulding in the valley to pick out moulding that I will add to the dry wall to make it look like wood paneling.

There were a million selections to pick from.

I settled on a simple shape.

I wanted to do the entire wall above the fireplace, but felt a little worried about overpowering the room with all that red.

So I decided to start with just the side wall.

Jose and Samuel arrived again to apply it.

We created simple rectangle shapes to make the built in closets look like wood paneling.

Then added semi gloss paint.  Love the result! It looks like paneling.

In fact I like it so much that I bought more molding today to do the long side wall over the fireplace as well.  It’s perhaps risky with all that red, but I’m happy to take the risk. If it works out the room will look like a wood paneled library and improve the overall vibe of the house.

Some of the amazing wood animal heads and faux animal horns have arrived from some of our generous sponsors and I’m in love with them.

Beautiful gazelle head with gold horns.

And a set of white FAUX skulls and horns from the The Mine.  They are made of  some kind of plastic but look real.   I can enjoy the beauty without any animals being harmed.

That’s about as far as we’ve come.

You can see why I’m relieved to have an extra week!



Check out what the rest are doing hopefully they are further along than me!

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