Top 12 List: Natural rugs and down to earth rooms

Lately I’m really drawn to down to earth rooms with natural elements and materials. Distressed beams, nice medium tones wood floors, jute, rattan, timber and clunky textures all offer a soothing organic element to a space.

A simple way to add this vibe is a rug in a chunky weave or a natural material, perhaps jute, or a jute blend.  Whether your style is modern or traditional these natural fiber beauties will do just the right job in your space. Relaxed and beautiful while infusing your home with a sense of age and history.

1. Agia Natural Area Rug

2.  Poncelet Jute Rug, Bleached

3.  Jenner Rug

4.  Sophia Jute-Blend Rug


Image /Interiors via Studio Mc Gee

They look great in this neutral dressed down interior with natural woods, but they will also shine in a colorful space.


5.  Doti Hand Knotted Jute Rug

6. Chittenden Jute Rug, Orange/Multi

7. Nann Hand-Knotted Jute Rug

8.  Nicholson Handwoven Natural/Ivory Area Rug

Image/Interiors via Studio Mc Gee

Image via Amber Interiors

For a modern yet a traditional look the chunky textures underfoot adds the perfect element for the space.

9. Dorsey Natural Area Rug

10. Jute Ticking Indigo Woven Rug

11.  Delilah Jute Rug, Indigo

12.  Ilonga Ivory/Natural Woven Jute Rug

Image via Helen Norman/Interior via Lauren Liess

A worn relaxed striped rug will give the home a welcoming worn look.

Image/Interiors via Studio Mc Gee

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