This is what gratefulness looks like.

I hope you had  a great Thanksgiving.

We drove up north to Santa Barbara and stayed at a beach hotel with our dogs for a couple of days.  Seeing the big blue ocean and that magnificent sunset every night its hard not to believe that there is something so much bigger than you out there. It’s my favorite place to think of all the things I have to be grateful for and realign myself with my own truth.  It’s far too easy to take things in our daily lives for granted, and worry about unnecessary things, so I’m on a mission to practice gratitude.

(Here is a fun video on how to become the happiest person by writing your gratitude journal the right way.)

If I had forgotten what real gratitude looked like, our dog Lucky reminded us. We brought her to the ocean to swim and run free for the first time.  (Dogs are not allowed on the beach in LA ) When she saw that great big ocean, she ran in happy circles, dove in the water, chased waves, and looked like she smiled from ear to ear.

We all had a great stay, but agreed the best of it was watching this rescue dog have so much joy and gratitude.


Lucky’s first visit with the ocean.


Tasting salty water.



Happy runs.


Chasing her friend.


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2014-11-27 17.00.33


We stayed until the sun was completely gone.


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