The inspired staircase

Staircases have been on my mind lately. When most of us think of them it’s generally just as a necessity and nothing else. Ignoring the staircase and not looking at it as an opportunity to make a statement is a mistake I admit I’ve been guilty of. Taking up so much space in a home – why should they be boring?

When I stayed with Jenny in Shelter Island this colorful staircase greeted me every time I would walk up to my attic bedroom. How cheerful is that? It’s a great way to set the stage for what’s to come.

Here is an elegant pale blue painted staircase via Apartment therapy. Painting a staircase is such an inexpensive way to add interest.

A simple, solid bold runner works really well.

A subtle color or a simple pattern can make the simplest staircase look incredibly elegant.

Pick up a color from something in the room, and paint on the stairs.

A bold stripe or…

…a pretty hue works wonders.

Check out what Camilla at High Heeled foot in the door did with her staircase. She ordered glue on decals from WallPops. Clever!!!

Perhaps a faux tile from Casart Coverings?

A classic staircase given some definition with a black bordered runner.

Or why not remind yourself every step you take of some of your great qualities?

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5 thoughts on “The inspired staircase

  1. These are fascinating! I now see the staircase as a piece of art work and an integral part of the overall design of a space. Thanks for this one…..I love it!

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