The 10 minute kid's art wall

As a parent I have loads and loads of Luke’s artwork. In fact I have so many drawings I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve framed a bunch over the years, and they hang throughout the house. Some are just taped to the kitchen wall and they’re starting to look messy.

They make me smile, but what do I do with them all?

I have self portraits that he made every year in school.

This is a self portrait from kinder garden. I’d like to think my kid is more handsome than this…but it’s soooo FUNNY – I can’t throw it out.

But what should I do with it?

This is a self portrait from 3rd grade. They’re starting to look like him! This one is a keeper.

A watercolor from 1st grade…I’m on a mission to organize everything in this house. So this weekend I got some inexpensive frames at Michael’s, some poster boards for matting, and I framed a whole bunch of Luke’s art.

I got a hammer and whatever left over nails where in the tool box. When I’m finally doing something about it–I’ve got to go for it right away and not be too picky! Otherwise it might not happen…

I took all the pictures that I had framed over the years from various areas. Like this one he made when he was 4 years old, and he drew people without arms.

In case you didn’t notice – that’s me in the pink dress!

I brought all of them to the basement hallway to Luke’s playroom. An old armor has been left down there from our previous house. I couldn’t get rid of him as Luke loved him and nicknamed him “The Tinman”. A formal settee got recovered a while back in a kid friendly tan colored zebra, and added to the playroom.

Above it hangs a painting my Australian artist friend Josh Rosenthal made of our dogs Truman and Maggie, who sadly passed away last year. He painted them with party hats having fun, so it makes us smile.

And a bunch of brightly colored pillows.

We hung them all on one wall in just a few minutes. No frames matched, no matting matched, no measurements where taken. I didn’t really care — now we can enjoy them all in one place. This wall now has meaning and humor. Our history is there….seen through the eyes of a growing kid.

I can look at each one of them and remember a certain time or event that took place, and pass through the hallway and be entertained.

And we’ll fill it up until every inch is filled.

And the “Tinman” is not so alone anymore.

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3 thoughts on “The 10 minute kid's art wall

  1. I think the wall of kid art is perfect! I so wish I had a playroom – I'll need to find a way to incorporate this somewhere in my house for sure. Thanks for posting!

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