Thank You TRAD HOME and LONNY!!!

Had a TV shoot yesterday which I will update you on soon, very soon…In the meantime….…I can’t tell you how fun it was to arrive back after a long day up in New York and see LiveLikeYou featured in Lonny and Traditional Home’s new online magazine TRAD HOME!!!!!!!!!! And none the less in a feature with some of my all time favorite designers! I’m so completely honored! Thank You to everyone at Lonny for your kind words and support!!

This nagging idea of mine that I couldn’t shake, this extreme desire to create a free design guide for a more “spirited” way of living for people who can’t afford a designer, has now become a true reality!!  Our SHHH, but now not so SHHH soft soft launch will happen next week.  But our official launch is the week after Easter. I surely will let you all know!!

They featured our test client’s Modern Bachelor look.  Thrilled to be in such great company like Betsy Burnham. She has a great e-decor program. She is one of my favorite designers, just so talented and she creates the coolest interiors!!

The whole article features designers who offers e-decor services. Tobi Fairley-love her. Her designs are so much fun and happy.

And Windsor Smith!! She is truly a genius. Who has not gone gaga over any of her interiors? And don’t forget to check out all the fantastic interiors in TRAD HOME!

I must be crazy — I’m the only one offering renderings and design plans for free!! I’m just obsessed with helping people live like themselves to the fullest…and if it has to start with a coat of paint, so be it.

Thank You, thank you, thank you to all the kind and creative people at Lonny for including LiveLikeYou!!!

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16 thoughts on “Thank You TRAD HOME and LONNY!!!

  1. Congratulations on finding a way to help others realize beauty in their surroundings. Your home and what's inside is not about who made it or how much it cost, it's about the joy it brings when you see the things you've chosen, because you just "love them."
    Meredith @ Chairyblossoms

  2. Congrats Jill!!! I was impressed to find you in that feature when I perused Trad Home last night. I LOVE that your approach is different and free. May have to rethink what I am doing…you are an inspiration!

  3. Ha too funny in a great way! Right before bed I was looking through Tradhome and noticed that segment. I was about to e-mail you about some of the ideas until I came across your gorgeous photo and write up…great job Jill! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see all of your hard work pay off. Yay! xx Danielle

  4. How fantastic is that! I am super thrilled for you. I am off to read the feature now! So many people will appreciate your free design guide since it's probably the majority who can't readily afford a designer. I applaud you for that:-). XX

  5. Wonderful that "Live Like You" was included in Trad Home . All your efforts and hard work are going to to be acknowledged by a successful launching very soon. Congratulations!

  6. BIG very well deserved congrats on your feature in TRADhome!! I think the publication was a home run!! What a wonderful collaboration between Traditional Home and Lonny – really is the best of both worlds!! Can't wait to hear about your new venture!!

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