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ART. A much argued, discussed and personal subject. I don’t profess to be an art connoisseur, I don’t follow trends, or believe in fads, or like something because someone says so….I simply love what I love, and go with my gut and emotion when I see something special.  Beautiful original artwork with masterful use of color, imagination and mystery…I don’t know…what is it really that makes you love something so much?

When I first saw Melbourne born artist Josh Rosenthal’s paintings a few years ago, it was a painting of a dog that spoke to me. Over the years I’ve seen his art grow, big art collectors around the world and celebrities such as Alan Cumming, Morgan Spurlock are picking up his work.  I’ve sold a few of his paintings to my private design clients and everyone has fallen in love with his pieces, and of course I have a few at my own house. So to be allowed to carry some of his magnificent paintings on LiveLikeYou (which were added today) is very special!


Since I don’t speak the “art world language” I want to share some text how the gallery described his work at his latest showing…

“Rosenthal rarely approaches his canvases with a brush, using his hands, fingers, nails and even rags when conceiving his work. Strong lines of paint, applied straight from the tube to the canvas, overlay soft rendered ephemeral work reminiscent of watercolor and Chinese ink painting.”

Josh at work painting one of his most famous paintings “LADY WAITING FOR BUS”. How this painting came to is one of the most interesting of all… One I’ll save for our Artist Video blog.

Another one that I would love to have in my house!!

“His work has sometimes been compared to Bacon and the balance of spontaneity and control is similar to that of Australian painter Brett Whitely, although Josh is  more influenced by Mark Tansey and R.B. Kitaj. The use of collage in the Flood exhibition is an interesting addition. gathering over two years of fashion and luxury magazines, Rosenthal carefully selected imagery from print works adding another juxtaposing look at social divides and our constructed versus natural condition”
Love the use of color in this one. This one already sold.

“Rosenthal is fascinated by our relationship with the environments and the contrast natural fleshy bodies and the geometric rigid state of environments we create around them. Floods sweep across the land as a devastating force and deconstruct these environments into a nest and mess of man made detritus that becomes catalyst for rebirth. It’s an instant transformation and an unavoidable catalyst”

Are you enjoying these as much as I do?
“Other juxtapositions are brought to life in the aftermath of Josh’s Flood including
social, economical, gender and relational divides. But the work is far from being critical
or pessimistic it is more an introspective look on our condition often with optimism and hope.

Josh (to the left) at his latest show in Los Angeles.



Josh being interviewed at a gallery showing.

And last but not least….


One of the dog paintings that I first fell for.

What is it that makes you fall in love with art?

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2 thoughts on “Talented Josh from Melbourne

  1. Look at you! You have created a one-stop-shop for loveliness for the home! Your clients must love that!

    You say that you are not a big art connoisseur and yet you are attracted to pretty advanced contemporary art. Obviously you have a well trained and great eye!

    I find Mr. Rosental's artwork very interesting. They are much deeper than just pretty paintings. And he seems to incorporate a little bit of "city" in each and every painting – which speaks to a city girl! I wonder if that is how he starts or if that is added at the end?

    The Hollowood dog is brilliant! All show and party time comes with a price!

    Happy weekend to you friend. I will call you next week!


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