Design Obsession – Stealing from the Peacock

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with a SUPER STRONG cup of coffee trying to revive myself from one of those sleepless nights with a sick kid and barking dogs, yet the day still starts at 6am. But instead of dwelling on my lack of sleep (it’s Friday after all tomorrow), I want to finish this post on one of my ultimate design inspirations.  The magnificent peacock.  Looking at a peacock spread it’s wings is truly one of nature’s wonders. The color combination is awe inspiring!!  I think perhaps the best interiors and colors are all stolen directly from animals and nature?


Love this beautiful peacock pillow. (

Peacock fabric from

A playful lime green nightstand picking up the pretty lime hue in the feather.


Peacock wicker chair. The other natural wood tone in the feather.

Kobalt blue coffee table.

Image National Geographic

Hello amazing color scheme?

” Blue Abstract” art photography by talented artist Christine Matthai.

Trina Turk peacock inspired fabric.

Blue peacock chair.

Peacock carpet. I want this in my house somewhere.

Thush design peaock inspired chair.

Iman’s pretty peacock fabric from Calico Corners.

Yes really peacock inspired…

One of Christine Matthai’s magnificent animal photographs.

I could go on and on and add tons more inspiration but a busy day awaits.

I wanted to let you all know the missing blog posts are back. (yeah!) We were able to retrieve them via google cache, but unfortunately I lost all your lovely comments, which are always so much fun to read.

Have a great day!

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17 thoughts on “Design Obsession – Stealing from the Peacock

  1. Great images…..great inspiration for sure, beautiful creature (well maybe not the photo where he looks mean) 🙂 The colors are exquisite and with so much life to them, how could you not be inspired? I'm loving the Trina Turk fabric.
    May you get all the rest your body needs this weekend.

  2. Steal away! The peacock pattern is so classy and timeless. In my early blog days I wrote a post about this chic stylist who put feathers in glass vases. I dug it up for you. Isn't it a great idea! I actually ordered the feathers on E-bay but I have not gotten around to find vases yet…

    Hope the household is feeling better soon.

    En stor kram till dig.

    P.S Jag har inte gloemt bort dig! Jag saetter ihop en liten trudelutt under helgen. Ok?

  3. Love the wow factor in this post and the colour scheme is awesome! Sorry about the lack of sleep though( i can so relate). I hope your little one feels better soon and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! XX

  4. Great color. Great post. Saw your mention on COCOCOZY and headed over. I too am in McLean VA. I have a client looking to reoph a chair. Need to stop on by.
    Will be back for a visit!

  5. WOWOOWOWOOW YOWZA! I came home exhausted but these colors WOKE ME RIGHT UP!!!! BLUE is my color and I have a killer diller gorgeous header that I like to use, but changed it for Valentines, but BLUE IS REFRESHING AND ALIVE! Thank you for coming to visit me today and yes, THE ACTORS FROM THE PRINCESS BRIDE are the same age as me and my husband… think we were that young and buff once….THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER and your blog is gorgeous! Anita

  6. I have always felt that anyone who was anybody would have at least ONE peacock feather, somewhere in their home! Now I feel justified…

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