Some Pics of our Living room…

How are you holding up during this heatwave?

With temperatures soaring close to 115 degrees we’ve been stuck inside trying to stay cool. Thought I would share some pictures of our living room progress as he tropical vibe in our seems to fit right in….

Photo by Stephanie

My favorite….my super soft GEO shag from my collection. Barefoot on this rug is perfection.

We got some cool reclaimed wood mirrors recently, and some new pots and plants to go with the

Tropical Bamboo grass cloth wallpaper.

I’m an avid recycler so a bunch of the items have been painted, recycled or recovered from our previous homes.

See blue cabinets before.

See black chair with white fur before

See the ROOM before.

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3 thoughts on “Some Pics of our Living room…

  1. It looks luxury …great place for living. love it!

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