Scandinavian simplicity

Thursday night I did something strange…I went to a dinner. To actually spend a night with people, and not sit hunched over my laptop was wonderfully strange! It was a dinner at the Swedish Embassy for the 200 year celebration of the Caroline Institute in Stockholm. The beautiful, old fashioned evening started out my favorite way…with Toast Skagen and Schnapps!! Not sure if it was the Aquavit or the beautiful Swedish opera singing, but I got a bad case of homesickness.

I woke up the next morning wanting to catch a last minute flight to Stockholm. I wanted to stroll down a cobblestone street and breathe in the crisp fall air, with nothing to do other than finding a perfect latte in a cafe. Instead, I reigned myself in and surfed Skona Hem‘s website and enjoyed the Scandinavian simplicity that’s so prevalent back home. No wonder I want to go there when I want peace.

All images above Skona Hem.

Image via Cote de Texas.

Hope you have a relaxing & peaceful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Scandinavian simplicity

  1. I love the sofa in the last shot done in burlap with white pillows on it. I have ordered two day beds done like that for my client to put in her guest room to serve as a sectional/ extra beds. These pictures are all so relaxed, yet chic. It makes me think that one needs to be careful not to overwork a room.

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