Roadtrip via Iphone.

Life is short. We often forget it. We’re too tired, we’re too busy, we’re trying to getting everything on our to do list done, too much work, too little time…so we don’t do the things we really would like to do. There are weekend soccer games, responsibilities around the house, deadlines at work…really always something that has to be done.  I’ve made a commitment to myself to have more fun, not be workaholic, and to participate in life more! So this weekend when Luke had four days off, we took to the road….

11 am Friday

We made last minute plans to go see people we love. We had fun playing tunes in the car and heading up to Manhattan.

11.30am Saturday.

We had early breakfast at our favorite place The STANDARD in NYC. I highly recommend it for anyone visiting here!!! Afterwards you can take a walk on the high line, the old rail road tracks. They have delicious food, great service and it’s just so cool.

…even the floor is cool….

…yes pennies…Luke didn’t believe it at first.

After breakfast we drove up to the Berkshires to visit one of my “sister” Alex, Luke’s godmother and my two god children.

3pm Saturday

Now I realize time has gone by, Dani 13, is the size of her mom!!! Time flies.

They live in an oasis of mountains and fields, with lots of dogs!  Alex used to work at the Humane Society, and her mother has been the President there for over 30 years, so lots of lucky rescue dogs have found their way in to their home.

This is Cole…Alex found him in a local shelter when she passed through one day. He was so skinny and looked so depressed like all hope was lost, she just had to bring him home. He is now a happy dapper gentleman sleeping on couches.

Nigel is  Humane Society of NY rescue. Some woman brought him in to have him put down, she said he was trouble. Turns out she had given him medicine every day that made him ill and kept him locked in a cage for two years. They told her they would get him a new home.  Again, there are no bad dogs…just bad owners. Nigel is the sweetest dog happily living on this farm.

And this is another rescue Penny aka “Sexy” (Dani’s dog with doggy nail polish. ) She is the boss over all the dogs and cats and likes to hog all the attention.

It was so nice to be out in the country, surrounded by people we love, and animals and beautiful classic interiors.

6pm Saturday.

Here’s the peaceful dining room view.

6.15pm Saturday.

And the beautiful view in from the front of the house.

8.30AM Sunday.

Forgot how much I also love chinoiserie and classic interiors. Have to take some closeup pics.

9am Saturday.

Lots of love going around! Zach 11, giving Cole a hug and a kiss.

Love this Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper in bathroom.

10AM Sunday.

Luke and Zach headed to a paintball party. We all went out for some country breakfast…

11.30AM Sunday.

…on a perfect and warm October day.

3pm Sunday.

Resting on the couch with dogs. Dani had nail polish in every color imaginable, so now my toes are shiny teal.

4pm Sunday.

Dani and her friend Julia with “Sexy”.

We said our goodbye’s and headed back stopping at this favorite New Yorker place for some 60’s style burgers and shakes.

5.30pm Sunday.

Nothing like taking in some friendship or new views to get a fresh point of view for the coming week. I’ve always loved a road trip!

Do you ever take road trips?

Hope you’re having a great Columbus Day weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Roadtrip via Iphone.

  1. Yes, life is short and precious. I am trying to find better balance myself.

    Thank you for bringing us along on your road trip. Your friend deserves a medal for opening up her home to so many wonderful four legged creatures. They look spoiled and VERY loved! Heart warming.



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