Please relax & unwind!

What are you up to?

I hope when you read this you’re relaxing somewhere! And staying out of the heat!

We have one week left over here in Sweden, and I’ve completely refueled on energy and “taking it easy” doing simple stuff.

Here’s some stuff we’ve been doing to relax and unwind!

Walking through DOWNTOWN!

Walking further from “DOWNTOWN”. (That’s the little village we live in from afar.)

Fishing with my brother…

…in lake’s where there are no other humans.

Eating soft ice cream with SALT LICORICE on top.  Insanely good.

Meeting the newest member in our family. Hello IRMA! My new cute little niece.

Finding some cheap vintage finds, like a new entry carpet $1.

And Swedish nature paintings which will cover a wall in our TV room.

And pondering some design questions… what to do with this wall?

Next week I’ll look for a LARGE mirror to cover the wall, or several mirrors that I can paint to fill up the wall and reflect the lake. Also that little phone table with the old fax phone and black cord has got to go. Oh well, later this week.

What else can you do to relax and unwind?

A midnight bike ride through town…

…enjoying the bright Swedish midnight sky….

…and catching the moon.

Some stuff like that.

I hope you’re all getting to unwind this week, because soon the rat race is on again….

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7 thoughts on “Please relax & unwind!

  1. This looks just like my grandfather's cabin in Northern Saskatchewan. He immigrated from Sweden to Saskatchewan, and now I can see why–it must have looked like home to him. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!

    1. Funny to hear that. So many Swedes are nature lovers and when they immigrated ended up in areas that look just like here!

  2. Awwww…so happy to see you both are relaxing and taking it easy :). Wouldn't that be wonderful if life was always so simple and peaceful. Makes me realize I/we need a break from DC so bad. And Irma is so cute! xx Danielle

    1. I know we forget to just "live" sometimes. Getting so wound up in just reacting to what's thrown our way…

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