Our New House – Demolition day is here!

Demolition time!

I can’t believe the lighting speed that this project is moving forward with.  I’ve been working double time to get the renovation designs done, and yesterday bright and early the demo crew was there.  Yikes….I sure do hope my ideas are good, because there is no turning back now! I just have to go with the plan I made. Just two days ago Javier and I discussed flipping the entire floor plan. It was intriguing for a moment, but I decided to stick to the original plan.

The main goal with the house is to open it up to suit that casual sunny California lifestyle. Half the house is now hallways, and cut up smaller rooms, with the main entry missing out on that pretty view.  So hopefully with what happens today we can see the beginning of useable space.

We made a little video for you (at bottom of post) to show just what a total war scene took place. And I have to admit I’ve been wanting to sledgehammer a wall so bad seeing all those HGTV renovating shows.

Boy do I love the new open space.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.15.43 PM

Javier had his crew there working away.

This is what it looked like in the morning. You enter the house and you can’t really see anything, so many walls.


These walls are coming down.

( I’m keeping all the pretty doors for use in other areas and a potential guest house.)


The doors have been removed…carpet has been ripped up.


The wall is starting to come down…


More wall is coming down.

Whoa I can see the pool. Exciting!


Framing still there.

And here’s looking in the other direction.


Seen from the other angle, back toward entry.

Good bye hallways!!


Total destruction! This was the moment you realize you’re really doing a gut renovation….

Here is a little video….see what it looks like now.
If you can’t see the video view it on You Tube here,

Have you ever done a gut renovation? How did you feel on demo day?

I’m “kind of” calm…in the end, if we rip down the wrong wall, it’s not like someone took out the wrong kidney. After all it’s just design and it can be fixed.






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