Our laundry room inspired by the Beverly Hill hotel

My approach to designing this house is very different from what I’ve ever done before.  I’m taking it painfully slow with one small step a time and really thinking how and what I want to surround myself with.  On top of that this house is a very particular space that has to be lived in before making big moves.

However one small step at a time can sometimes pack a big punch.

This week the LA Wallpaper queen Reita came over to hang the banana leaf wallpaper made famous by the Beverly Hills hotel in our laundry room…

photo 1(28)

I’m not sure what had more character the wallpaper or Reita.

While sharing stories of her life as an actress in her past or as a renegade woman in a man’s business hanging wallpaper the laundry room slowly got a magic makeover.

photo 2(16)

The paper is difficult to hang and needed to be cut off on the edges.

photo 3(13)

No wonder the wallpaper is so iconic!!

photo 2(14)

Here is a before picture of the laundry room when we moved in.

2014-12-06 13.32.38

Although the pretty light fixture that’s coming in is not here yet, it has lot more character now…



I love how it looks with the black granite top and the shutters painted black.


And I love how good our cute pets look in there.

A seriously fun backdrop, and surely a fun place to do laundry.


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