Orange you glad it's raining?

The rain has been pouring down for two days. My happy boot purchase could not have arrived on a better day!  I finally decided on what color to get out of all those great colored boots from Splendid Willow….ORANGE. What a great way to welcome the fall!

Boot candy.

Had to see how they matched with my Orange Key bedding.

Orange.…one of falls most beautiful colors that is supposed to be energizing.  The LiveLikeYou store is arranged via color, so you can just view items in your favorite hue.

Orange wool carpet.

Orange leather chair.

Orange side table/night stand.

Orange Greek Key Pillow.

Orange Madeline Weinrib carpet.

Orange hour glass table.

Orange bedspread, orange carpet.

Orange boots on my fire mantle.


…orange you glad it’s the weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Orange you glad it's raining?

  1. I love, love, love orange but my hubby – not so much!! Hahaha, I mean my hubby doesn't like orange so much not that I don't like my hubby much 😉 Must be Friday!!

  2. I love orange as well, I just did a house for a client in orange and blue, but my husband hates it as well. Too bad. It can be very Hermes.
    AND I love the boots! Are they the ones imported from Sweden by your friend.

  3. Nobody has made the boots look THIS good! What a chic and glamarous environment! All magazine worthy!

    Thank you for the shout-out. You are the best. I am so glad you like the boots. You are going to get a lot of compliments!

    Expect a call soon. Happy weekend to you and the boys!

    lovelovelove, Mon

  4. LOVE those boots and orange is such a happy and bright color during rainy days. They look gorgeous on the fireplace too–I bet you are going to start a new rain boot art trend 🙂

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