My Obsession – Nuts about Chevron

Ever since I did my TV room with the chevron carpet I’ve been going nuts over the pattern.  I really would like to put it everywhere, but have to restrain myself.  I can’t put it in another room, but I can put it here on the blog!  I’m seeing it pop up everywhere in different forms and I never tire of the pattern…at least not yet..

Jill Sorensen

Jill Sorensen

I love passing my TV room and looking in and having it pop out-literally.


The zig zag West Elm carpet must be selling really well because I see it everywhere.


In the recent Lonny magazine I saw it with this amazing teal wing chair. What a great color combo.


Here is a more upscale chevron carpet from Domino magazine.


Here in Made by Girl’s dining area.

DC4154_BlackMichael Miller DC4154_YellowPaule MIller imagesmichael miller imagesk imagesjjj

You can buy inexpensive chevron fabric for $9.95/yard here.


It’s great in yellow.


This custom wool herringbone rug you can order here.



Wow-that curtain I could really use somewhere.  Hmm…where?


I love Rubie Green’s green fabrics. Here in blue.


Looks really fun on this chair.


Maybe a chair covered in this hot pink from Rubie Green?


How fun do these reinvented vintage stools look in hot pink chevron?  They are from one of my favorite “green” companies Chairloom. If you haven’t visited this great site do it now!

Miles Redd Entry Hall

Miles Redd designed and entry for a bold couple.  And Madeline Weinrib has them in lots of colors. I’m always writing about her rugs…I should work for them…Anyway it comes in–






hot pink and orange…


….and I like this wool navy.

navychevron front hate

This navy and white pillow from Frontgate could really “save” an entire room.

Chevroned out yet?

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31 thoughts on “My Obsession – Nuts about Chevron

  1. I love love love chevron! It really brings a room to life. Love your pictures, it has inspired me to add a little chevron to my bedroom. A blanket would look great at the end of my bed:)

  2. I love your blog! Where's your follow button?
    I am a fellow Swede and also a lover of Chevron! I recently bought some white and chartreuse chevron fabric to make curtains for my master bedroom. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I have an idea of what I'm going for.I'm living like me!

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  7. That yellow-colored light in the 5th image looks charming. Where did you buy it? I want one for my underground room, after the renovating is completed. Thank you!

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