Nothing better than elegant BEACH CLASSICS

HAPPY 4TH everyone!

I can’t think of a more appealing look this time of year than a classic American beach look. A look that’s timeless and elegant, that hints at old world and Ralph Lauren, yet is simple and basic enough that you can still walk in with sandy feet.  And what better way to celebrate three perfect colors RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Looks and items come and go with fashion…but these items will stay forever timeless!

Shell chandelier.

Coming soon on LiveLikeYou.

Westport navy & white stripe $ 545

The classic navy and white stripe carpet will never go out of style. Using an indoor /outdoor version is perfect for days at the beach.

Cabriole table $ 747

A classic shaped white table. Perfect for any beach interior.

Heidi lamp $ 447

A red gourd lamp adds a slight modern touch.

Windsor Settee. Elegant Ralph Lauren inspired seating.

Coming soon on LiveLikeYou!

Hyacinth stools $ 480/Pair.

A pair of rope stools perfect for extra beach seating.

Frances dresser $ 1858.

A streamlined dresser for the perfect beach bedroom.

Westport stripe $ 545

Fun red and white stripe indoor/outdoor carpet…elegant yet perfect for sandy beach feet.

A classic cabinet like the Philadelphia Hutch add an old world feel at the beach.

timeless chair with creamy distressed leather and nail head details.

These are all pieces that will stay in a home forever…

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

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10 thoughts on “Nothing better than elegant BEACH CLASSICS

  1. Elegant, classic and beautiful – just like you!!

    I have yet to get a b/w striped carpet. I might need to do some shopping when you get back.

    Bamsekramar – vi aer paa vaeg till stranden!

    ox, Mon

  2. This look is so timeless and beautiful. I love Ralph Lauren and his preppy elegant styles. Add to that a house by the ocean and I am blissfully happy! 🙂

    Stripes are so close to our Swedish hearts aren't they!?! I love them, in all colour combinations!

    Kramar till dig

    xx Charlotta

    P.S. fick du mitt email?

  3. Jill! How Wonderful! Beautiful, classic & trluy timeless- I know your taste, and it's always growing and evolving with each project/home you do. BUT, anyone could look back, at any of the rooms you've ever used your magic touch with- and it's all still timeless! You're gooood, because that's hardddd! As in, it's really hard to tell what year you designed a room. Amazing, because it truly takes a classic person, with great taste & a good sense of prediction, to accomplish WHAT you've done!
    SKI-IN,SKI-OUT 10,000 square foot (or is it 12,000?), and you finished it in 11 months? Which,the pictures just don't do it justice! And, building from the ground up, and getting all of that beautiful furniture and Materials up that mountain? Pretty incredible Jill!!! (Oh, and and the LOG's!)

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