New Office, New Rooms & New Products

There has been a lot of changes going on around here.  The renovations are done, I’ve got a new big office (a garden and deck in progress), a music studio, a teen room, and a new sitting room next to the master bedroom.  We’ve added outdoor spaces, painted, landscaped etc.etc. Our home went from a little run down ranch house to a California luxury home with the entire space maxed out. I love fixing up houses! Maybe the hill with the orange tree is next…?

Just yesterday we moved in to the new office and it was a pleasure to work in an open airy space.

We can shoot products and everyone can fit and it’s perfect for meetings.  This is Greek Key wallpaper in magenta above.

 Right outside we are building a gravel garden with a deck. I’ll share pictures of the office in an upcoming blog post.

The main house has been connected with the guest house with a small hallway, and what was formerly a water heater room is now this…

I expanded the tile from the laundry room in to here and all through the hallway up to the office door (not in picture)

I LOVE this green color by Benjamin Moore CEDAR GREEN 2034.

We finally have the Greek Key shags available in six great colors. They are the most luxurious feeling shags.


I have the NOIR ART DECO SHAG in my bedroom that I completed for the One Room Challenge. The carpet is my favorite part of the room. I really like the Art Deco vibe of the shags making them different.

I’m waiting for the SAPPHIRE SHAG which should arrive any day now for the new sitting room.  I honestly kind of want them in every single room! The are so, so soft they’re a pleasure to walk on.

So with these new shags, we now carry bedding, walls and now rugs in Greek Key.

 I have the black Greek Key wallpaper in my bathroom,  but I’m really loving these fun colors for spring.


Stephanie a reporter from Sweden was here to shoot it last week.

The entire house was a photo studio for  a day.

This Arrow cotton rug will be available now too in a few colors.

I have loads of pictures of all the new spaces and projects to share with you.

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Stay tuned!

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