New big job on the east coast

The last couple of months I’ve had my head buried in a big design job on the east coast.

Since I took a hiatus to get settled in LA, renovate our home, write for a magazine, work on my label, etc. I didn’t think I could take it on so I recommended other designers for the job. While my client was having a difficult time deciding on what firm to hire the builders started the house without a designer, which was not disastrous as my client perhaps is the busiest hardest working person I know.

As things would have it, we figured out a way to make it work. After a quick trip to DC to check it out,  I’ve done all the meetings via Face time (don’t you love the new technology?) and dove in to revamping the floor plan to better suit the lifestyle I know they want. It’s been many late nights pouring over plans and figuring out how to create their desired lifestyle within a halfway built house.

This week I flew back east to check out the progress.


I was very happy with the new open floor plans we created for the main entertainment area. The kitchen, family room, a hallway is now one large area with a double sided fireplace and a conservatory on the other side.

I’ve been so happy in my own home with an open floor plan, and I’m excited for this family to have a home with a more casual modern vibe which suits them better.


I’ve got a great new team in place here in LA, and my former design assistant Flavia have stepped in to help out locally.


We’ve worked on laying out an electrical lighting plan, built ins, kitchen layout,etc. etc. etc.


A downstairs bar area is being planned. The details are endless.


Outdoor light locations need to be decided as well as indoors.


What TV’s go above fireplaces and where do they go if not? The questions to answer and solve are endless when you build a house and boy it’s cold in the basement! You get so spoiled with the warm weather in LA.

The design direction is  “just figure it out” so I really want to create something really special for a very dynamic family. A fun and elegant space that’s also a warm, cozy, engulfing sanctuary.  The other design direction is “I don’t want gray and white” which is so refreshing because everywhere you look these days interiors are white.

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