New beginnings…..

I forgot how much I love Easter over here.

The fresh cold air is just slowly giving way to early signs of spring. Nothing is green yet, but tiny buds make their way, fighting through even the occasional snow storm. The few days we’ve spent so far have been fuel for the soul. It’s been so healing for Luke to see that there’s a great big family here, and they all love him very much.  Not sure if any of you suffered the loss of a parent when you were a kid, and can relate. As the surviving parent you feel an overwhelming worry to be enough, to not get ill, and do everything you can to give your child the best life possible.  There have been many days I’ve had to pick Luke up at school because he’s crying or having stomach aches.  There have been painful e-mails to a dad who is no longer here, and nightly prayers asking for signs. It’s pure heartache seeing your child suffer. So being here and having my parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, and good friends around is heaven.

Easter is a time for new beginnings, and I’ve never felt that more than now. Life has been eternally altered, but a new beginning is coming, and I’m just realizing that life can be filled with happiness again. I don’t mean to sound sappy (I don’t like to be depressing on a design blog!), but I was really worried that I had forgotten about simple joys, and what moments of happiness felt like.

All can say in moments like this is God Bless America, but thank God for Sweden!!

What are you doing this Easter?

What I like over here this time of year, is that nothing needs to be done in the yard…YET.  So this visit we can relax.

Most of the ice has broken up on the lake and the swan couple has arrived back for spring.  The air is cold, and the evenings are nice and dark.

In shot – perfect sleeping weather.

The hedge along the yard already has buds.

Luke is soaking up the love from adorable cousins Viggo and Zooey.

Luke goes biking with Viggo coming along on his scooter.

A big renovation project should soon be starting up again, to finally be finished off…..

The top floor of the guest house is being turned in to a “sleeping hall”. My brother has done a great job, but closed his building firm, so I’m meeting with new carpenters this week.

I’m planning on adding 5-6 beds along the wall for fun kid’s sleepovers.

New plank walls, and floor has gone in, and it’s awaiting all white paint.

I have so many great ideas for this space.


The guesthouse bedroom is awaiting spring.  It’s too cold to sleep here in the winter time.

The adjacent room is becoming a small kitchen and bath.

The dock passed the winter without damage. It finally has the nice bleached wood look.

No work needed here.

So most of the time…

…we’re just hanging out with people we love.  It’s nice to see Luke happy.

And Easter is just around the corner.

In Sweden that means Easter witches and fireworks!

Can’t wait–

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7 thoughts on “New beginnings…..

  1. Aw, Luke looks very happy and I'm sure that warms your heart Jill. Sweden does look like heaven….enjoy every second of it. xx

  2. Happy Easter to you my beautiful friend!

    I can feel the good energy all the way to Seattle. Enjoy every second with your family. They must be over the moon to have you home!

    Varma kramar fraan min familj till din.

    Vi pratas vid naer du kommer hem. Har massor att babbla om!


  3. My heart breaks for your son. My oldest kids, now teens, lost their dad when they were just 9 and 7 and it was an awful few years afterward for us. I can tell you that things turn around and happier days will come. I know the worry that you are talking about and think that it says that you are doing what you need to do. It is so hard to see your child tormented by grief. I still try to tell my kids funny stories about their dad so that we are all laughing when we remember.
    Have a wonderful Easter with all of your family.

    1. Thank You for the comment Kerry. It meant a lot. Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  4. I think Kerry's comments are helpful, too. Does Luke enjoy drawing? Journaling? Probably Luke is enduring a great measure of sadness with the loss of his dad, as his dad must have lived and impressed Luke as SOMEONE TO BE MISSED….and someone dear, dear, dear to his heart and a dad that left a legacy of warmth, love and so many other good feelings associated with great memories. And you, Jill, too, are dear to your son's heart. You are now Luke's greatest source of strength. But you cannot be every source of strength for Luke. Obviously, you know this, as you recognize how helpful it was for YOU to return to Sweden to spend precious time with your family. I suggest that you find Luke a professional and caring counselor. There will be thoughts that Luke will feel may burden you over time, if he tries to tell you everything he is feeling. These feelings are ever changing through the years. Initially, it may feel awkward for Luke to share his feelings with the right kind of counselor, but over time, it will not. Eventually, Luke will not need a counselor. A loving family can accomplish so much, and you are the best kind of mother. You and Luke will be just fine, but missing people dear to us is a part of life that is okay. Doesn't make life simple, but it is okay. I am not a professional in health care, but I've dealt with the loss of family and friends dear to me, and more important, I witnessed how professional care helped my daughter after the suicide of one of her dear friends and my father. It's smart to find the right kind of people to help us in matters of the heart, just as it is smart for people like me to look to professional interior designers for inspiration and ideas on how to make our homes happier places to live. Caring professional counselors are out there. I do not know how to find the right one, but I know they can help.

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