My Life as a Food Stylist

Hi Live Like You readers, I’m Kersti Bowser.

I’m so happy to kick off as the first LiveLikeYou contributor and share my experiences in the wonderful world of food!  I know you all love design, but hopefully some of you might love food just as much as I do.

Once upon a time, I had the dream job of traveling the world over.  Having my picture taken, meeting interesting people…being the center of attention.  Elle Magazine changed my eye color and put me on the cover.  I was validated by Revlon as ”One of the most beautiful women in the world “ …at least for a New York minute.

I was considered a successful cover model back in the day, during the 1980’s and 90’s.  My opportunities were unheard-of for a young person back then.  I had my slice of the pie. The world certainly was my Oyster.

Pie? Oyster? Yum!

Old Fashioned Apple Pie, Food, Props and Photo by Kersti Bowser

Eureka! That’s exactly what was missing from my life then.  I could eat barely a stitch of food for my career would be in jeopardy (god bless us girls).

Can’t Resist Chocolate Chip Cookies, Food, Props and Photo by Kersti Bowser

My attention was not on Haute Couture but was on the Culinary Arts.

Simply stated FOODGlorious food. Not from deprivation mind you, but for the history of it.  Where a particular ingredient was indigenous to.  The method and root behind a dish. Who made it and why?  What made a family’s secret recipe so sacred?   How did grandmother make a feast out of meager means?

Italian Rustic catered event by Gourmet Butterfly Media/Kersti Bowser

When I traveled to locations far across the world…my goal wasn’t hitting the shopping centers for fashion but hitting the local streets to see what kinds of crazy foods were out there.

Egg white omelet by health guru to the stars David Kirsch.  Food, Prop styling and photo by Kersti Bowser

To combine food with media elements are a home away from home for me.

I now have the dream job of traveling the world over, taking pictures of food, meeting amazingly talented Chefs.

And having the world revolve around….

Three-Bean Salad with Grilled Chicken for David Kirsch’s cookbook promotion.

….a perfectly placed bean!

I look forward to sharing my adventures, and fantastic recipes from some of my favorite chefs…stay tuned!

Have a nice weekend!


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13 thoughts on “My Life as a Food Stylist

  1. What wonderful photos….I love food as much as I love design…so I look forward to all of your posts, and can't wait to see what recipes and food you choose to highlight!

  2. Jill, what a fun series you are starting! I am really looking forward to following this since I am pretty much useless in the kitchen ( the only time I am good is with gourmet dinners for many guests. But I am hopeless with weekly family dishes. And I can't bake. Go and figure).

    Kersti, how fun to meet you! You seem to have your life priorities right – enjoying life and enjoying food all over the world! Very fun!

    En stor kram till er båda!


    P.S Jill, när du får tid (och om du lar lust) kom över och säg hej till Brooke. Hon är en LA designer som du kan ha nytta av. Och hon importerar svenska antikviteter!

  3. So wonderful to see that the beautiful Kersti is also a talented photographer/stylist. Everything looks delicious!! You should both stop by on Wednesdays when I do my wine posts!!

  4. Great photos….so much fun being a food stylist, I can imagine! Everything looks amazing…..but that Rustic platter had my name all over it, I could live on that and that alone for the rest of my life……….and that apple pie, now I am getting hungry not a good sign that I want a full course meal at 7:30 am on Sunday
    Beautiful pictures..thanks for sharing!

  5. Well done, Kersti! Everything looks ( and I'm sure tasted) amazing! I'm looking forward to perusing this site some more.

  6. Hej Jill / Hello Kersti!
    What a beautiful smorgasbord of pictures – I love the intimacy in them. Clearly captured by someone who not only loves food, but who is passionate about it!
    I definitely think you have taken a wonderful path in life Kersti – travel, food and all that adventure!


    x Charlotta

  7. What a dream job! I look forward to hearing more about your career as a food stylist! I'm completely fascinated and would to hear any tips you have for the amateurs who love to take picture of food. 🙂

  8. There is some serious drooling going on right now. Everything looks so yummy and yes, i am a huge foodie fan. I love to eat it and experience new tastes and textures! I look forward to following you on your food adventures:-). XX

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