My first cotton dhurrie design!

FINALLY! The first samples are here.

Starting my own line or brand, was not something I planned.  Everything is just items I want in homes I design, and can’t find. Fun simple graphics and colors, on regular items needed in the home.  They aim to add enough design element in a room, so nothing else is needed, kind of room “rescue”. (Save your money for something fun instead) Yet it also is simple enough to work with your existing items. Designing a home can be so difficult-I want to make it easy!

Affordable luxury that is un fuzzy, practical, yet cool and chic.

So durable cotton dhurries fit right in to my easy going design approach.  Spill something? Easy to wash. If you are tired of it in one room, just roll it up and take to another. The look is elegant and it works for a modern life style.

Very excited about my first pattern. Have several in several color ways in process. Here are some Iphone snaps shots…and let me tell you they are much prettier in person!!

THE MARK in Grey and Yellow, Yellow and cream, and Grey and Poseidon.

This was the first design I did last year, inspired by a handle on a seventies furniture piece.

I liked it so much I created my logo around it. Which will now also be the new logo for my design firm.

All the colors I’m using in this series are very seventies inspired with a modern twist.

These all have gray in them.

Can’t wait to get some great photographs of them! I’m very happy with the quality.

If you are interested in pre-ordering or would like to see the carpet, please e-mail me at [email protected].

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5 thoughts on “My first cotton dhurrie design!

  1. I love it–I was just thinking last night that I needed to replace an old rug buy one of our entrances. These could be perfect! I hope you have one coming in orange or red (hint, hint). Looking forward to seeing them available.

  2. Jill, these are AMAZING!!! I love them. The design (and your new logo) is perfect. Will they also come in runners? I can totally picture one in my kitchen. XoXo

  3. Thanks Iris! Glad you like. They will come in all the main sizes, smallest starting at 6 x 9. But they can be custom ordered in any size. But perhaps I should add a runner…hmmm think actually this pattern would be perfect for that.

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