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Time just seems to fly lately. Days turn into months, and months to years, and it all feels like a flash.  My uncle told me when I was a kid, “the older you get the faster life goes”. If that statement is true than I must be really old!! We’re all always so busy, rushing from one plan to the next. I’ve certainly been guilty of that since I started my own company. I really want to get better at treasuring every moment, enjoying the process not just the goal etc. etc. So I decided to take snapshots with my Iphone and to see what I really do with my day. On this particular day, a very rainy, dreary day in February it went like this…


Waiting for the school bus with Luke and Bubba at the end of our driveway. I complain every morning when the alarm goes off, I hate getting up at 6am!! But this quiet moment counting cars and betting which number the school bus is going to be, should be treasured. It makes me think of Meryl Streep singing to her daughter in Mamma Mia  “with sleep in your eyes you let precious time go by”. Did you see it?  I cried my eyes out because she sang about moments just like this. The ones you let slip by.


TRAFFIC JAM!! Sitting in the horrible and never ending traffic jam on Route 7 where they’re putting in a metro rail. This is when I dream of living at the beach.

Wait, just so you really get the feeling….

The image says it all. Do you have a place near you that just makes you want to RUN AWAY??  This is it for me. I’m so affected by my surroundings — no surprise I hate running errands here.

11:oo AM

At Homegoods picking up a few accessories we need for an upcoming magazine shoot at the house. What happened?? I don’t need those green lamps!! This place is more dangerous than IKEA, you buy more than you need because it’s so inexpensive.


Spotted this crazy red mirror at Pier 1 that I would have hated two years ago. I pick it up for the area outside Luke’s room. Things are still unfinished and with a crew coming to the house I’ve got to pull it together…FAST!! I’m suddenly in to rooms with primary colors.


Back on Route 7. ARRGGHH!!!. I need a Starbucks latte.


Back at my desk working on some of Marmalade Private label designs. Hundreds of designs and color combinations in my head, but have to narrow it down. Loving strong retro colors with grays. I want to get this line of affordable yet elegant cotton dhurries ready fast. These are designs I want to use but can’t find. So I’m designing them. The Marmalade Private label is growing, carpets, bedding, headboards. Can’t wait to share.

Hmm I like a extra large maze pattern as a simple grid on the floor. Need a better orange.

And a few affordable high quality wool carpets.


Finalized colorways to send off. I love colors.


Loyal Bubba waiting for Luke at the school bus stop.  The kids are always thrilled to see him through the window of the bus.

Luke is tired and worried about lots of homework. Bubba as always was happy to entertain.


After phone conversations and homework, try the new mirror. The rain makes the picture grainy and dark, so you can;t see the bold yellow on the walls, and the red accents in Luke’s blue bed room. I like primary colors. So often overlooked.

Funky. But adds spunk to the hallway. At least looks more pulled together before a photographer walks through the house.


POWER OUTAGE!! Unfortunately a common occurrence in out neighborhood. Winds, storms, snow you name it, the power goes. Annoying. Luke and I gather in the bedroom and light candles.

Luke is thrilled, he has three hours of power left on his computer. Mine is dead. All the animals all gather in here as well. Despite being annoyed, it’s actually kind of cozy.

We bring in our books and settle in for a night of reading and good conversation. In the end this is more meaningful than those 500 e-mails you think you need to send. Isn’t it?

How was your day? What did you do? Perhaps one of you will share your day via Iphone?

A big thank You to Danika At Gorgeous Shiny Things and Paula at Two Ellie for your incredibly, nice write ups on my company this week. So, so, so kind!!

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25 thoughts on “My Day via Iphone

  1. Luke is such a handsome boy!

    Bubba's jutty little chin cracks me up, he is sooo precious.

    I am so unbelievably excited about your new line. I just love all the fabulous, bold colors colors you use and they amazing designs you've been revealing. If it's really as affordable as you say, I may never shop anywhere else again!

  2. It is fun following along on your day!!! You are so right about Enjoying the Process!! That is exactly why I have that phrase as my bi-line. I have learned sometimes to much of lifes processes get in our way of really living our life to the fullest. Our families have to be a priority!!! First and foremost!!! Hope you have power!!! Happy Friday,KS

  3. A little bit of everything….loved to see the walk through a day in the life. Loving the wool rug designs, AND the colorways…isn't it fun to sketch idea???, I bet it will be even more fun to see the final product!! Really Jill, the edge of my seat is about to break off from my weight, I am dying to see all of your wonderful designs!

  4. Oh – I love that red mirror! I have the perfect spot for that in my house too. Was it on clearance or still a regular priced item? I am going to have to go check that out!!

  5. Sounds that you had a productive day my friend! Love the mirror and can not WAIT to hear more about The Marmalade Private label. How fun is that going to be! Go Jill, Go!

    I miss HomeGoods but do you know another place where I have found a lot great stuff lately is WorldMarket. Some serious good finds. They are more design conscious than ever.

    Bamsekram till dig.


  6. Definitely a productive day…love the colors and patterns you are creating. Hmm, guess I shouldn't complain about living at the beach (Yes, I do complain unfortunately) The summers get ridiculously packed and parking if horrible. But you just can't beat construction traffic 🙁 Hope it gets better soon. xo

  7. LOVE those rug designs and colors and your mantra that if you can't find 'em you'll make 'em yourself! Oh and the traffic…as a former Chicagoan, it sends me right over the edge. Here in Madison WI, not so much traffic, which is good! Have a great week-end!

  8. So fun that your son's love of the color blue has inspired a change in what you might consider. Love the red mirror!

    I just heard a quote the other day about being a mom, "the days are long, but the years are short". Love the power outage pics.

  9. This was great!! A few comments…you are obviously very talented. Love the designs for the rug..gorgeous and that red mirror is awesone. Your son is adorable and Bubba…well he stole my heart, and he is so cool with his glasses! Last, you really had me at the Starbucks cup…I am a diehard Starbucks serial drinker and you win my vote:)

  10. Jill, I need to set you up with Illustrator, it will change your life, you can do designs like this in less than half the time, and it makes life easier for your manufacturer. Come to NYC, I;ll give you a lesson. I am designing things just like this for my cards, we can help each other out.

  11. Love this post. Your son is adorable. Ahhh….DC traffic. Nothing like it. I can go from as happy as can be to a cranky, raging maniac 🙂 Love that red mirror. Looks like it was meant for that area.

  12. I love the red mirror from Pier 1! I bought the rectangular blue mosaic tile mirror from there for over my fireplace.
    I wish we had a Home Goods near the beach—I never get there, but have heard all good things about it. At least they could let us shop online…….!

  13. It is fun seeing a day in the life of a designer! I love seeing your colorful sketches and your fabric swatches…watching all the pieces of the creative process is really inspiring! And seeing it come together is so satisfying!

    As for route 7… that road inspires me to want a flying car, one that sails over all the barely moving cars and the insanity that is tysons! I'm looking to move to Mclean in the next few months, but with the requirement of many escape routes!

  14. Love the chronicling via iPhone idea! Bubba is the cutest! And I love the red mirror in the hallway. Looks great.

  15. LOVE LOVE this post. How fun. My days (Mon-Fri) are a little more boring from waking up at 5:30 am and taking the dog for a walk to getting ready for work. At work at 7am -4pm (about) meetings and lots of meetings and presentations. I would have lots of pictures of a computer here :), then home work out, cook dinner, relax and hope the weekend is here so i can enjoy life with dog, husband and do some crazy fun stuff.

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