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Do you ever feel like all you do is work, take care of everything and get no sleep? Welcome to the club. Therefore some time off is glorious!!  Luke is skiing with his dad, and I’m spending a few days in New York city. A few days with the ideal blend of business and fun.  I used to live here, so it’s like coming home. Nothing like Manhattan to shake you up when you’ve been buried in your laptop!  I hope you don’t mind coming along on a New York Sunday….


How nice is it to sleep 8 hours?? Don’t even need this… but it’s the best European latte ever!! If you like coffee and you’re in town, RUN don’t walk to Bottega del Vino on 59th street.  Weekday mornings you can catch today show’s performances across the street.


Brunch at The Standard – another New York favorite. Anything here is great.  Sorry Dan, you’re going on the blog…

I always get distracted about everything around me design wise. The tile floor…LOVE…great effect. Wish I had a picture of the penny floor.


Love the orange Tory Burch door! Need to go in.

Olive green, purple, orange and brown. Great color combo. I never shop, but hallelujah I buy a blouse!!


A sunny walk along the high line passing the Standard Hotel. Have you ever done that? A great stroll if you’re visiting New York.


We walked all the way uptown to the Architectural Digest Home Design show at Pier 92.

Love that Diane von Furstenburg is doing a home line.  She is an icon.


LOVED these carpets…just need 24G to  buy one. Hmm…think I’ll furnish an entire apartment instead.


Smile. Like these colorful paintings over in the artist area. Sets with fake birds are created in a studio,then photographed and put in super colorful frames. Creative. Painter is John Murphy.


It’s HOT and CROWDED and I’m feeling generally uninspired, kind of like reading Architectural Digest…(sorry only sometimes, not always). Ready to get out of here!!!! Then I see….


Finally the perfect man. One that can illuminate you!! I need one.

Checking to see how I can turn Dan in to a lamp design.  Wonder if they do custom orders…?


Walking down Central Park South. Sweet horse. I pray he is well taken care of. The horror stories I’ve read about these poor horses among all the NY traffic always haunt me. Will never take a ride, but have to pet them.

Noticing the colorful wagons. Fun…dark orange and pink.

Two blues.


Time to EXHALE. Get a massage. I feel incredibly spoiled.

I forgot I was allowed to relax!!

Hope you’re enjoying your week, or perhaps you have spring break?

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12 thoughts on “My Day via IPhone

  1. You hit all the spots I would have … wish I could have come along. You are right, it's important to unplug and walk around in the real world. (okay, we won't count iPhone use)

  2. Thank you for taking me for a delightful walk through NYC which used to be my home for so long. Can't wait to return to visit soon. Dan makes a mighty fine model!

  3. That is such a cool post! I love the photos and yes I adore the Parisian Chic style guide by Ines De La Fressange. Its fantastic! Have a great day, my dear

  4. Oh Jill! From beginning to end the day sounds loverly:) Glad to see you are enjoying some Jill time over spring break. Have fun on the rest of your busication.(my new word!)

  5. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Love Dan's shades too and that orange door is delectable:-). Have fun and relax! XX

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