Movie legends at home

In honor of last nights Academy Awards I thought I would post something that I’ve always drawn a lot of inspiration from. Movie legends in their homes from Hollywood’s golden era. I’m not necessarily interested in it because they were stars, but they each represent the best in design and fashion of the era they lived in.  And they made it all look so good!! Looking at their homes it’s not hard to see where many interior designers, furniture designers and fashion designers draw inspiration from even today.  Maybe we like it so much because it evokes an era when we could fantasize about their lives, that were so perfectly constructed by a PR agency and happily void of any depressing reality?

Marilyn Monroe with Arthur Miller. Simple lawn chairs in Connecticut never looked so glamorous!

Photographed in a peach shirt with an intriguing geometric background.

Marilyn Monroe in her fairly simple Hollywood House. Blue walls, mid century design…could be in a home today.

Then there’s Frank Sinatra who made the Palm Springs 60-70’s look famous.

Frank and Yul Brynner by his swimming pool. Are low slung mid century buildings and plastic pool chairs cool? Or did they make it just oh-so-cool?

This is Frank Sinatra’s living room. There are so many elements in here that are still so completely fashionable. The lamp, the sideboard,the screens, the shag…

The capiz light fixture – an exact copy of that is around today. The geometric chairs.

Bogie and Bacall on their terrace in Hollywood Hills. Dreamy.

The king himself– on a straight armed sofa and gold gourd lamps. Right out of a shelter magazine today?

That chair…haven’t I seen an almost exact replica of it in the Viceroy hotel?

Ava Gardner in her London apartment with fiery orange walls.

John Wayne at home. Sofa and lamp…is this Jonathan Adler?

Sofia Loren in her fancy Rome apartment living like a glamour girl.

Whether fashion or interiors, they were eternally stylish…

The great Kate…blazer, white short, men’s pants leaning on a zebra chair.

Brigitte Bardot running around St Tropez, has inspired Guess campaigns for two decades.

Classy beauty Catherine Deneuve with Yves St Lauren look dressed for a fashion show today.

And how modern does Audrey Hepburn look? Her bike, her outfit her haircut…and her dog.

Perhaps great style never becomes dated?

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9 thoughts on “Movie legends at home

  1. Great post! I think the young YSL looks like PR designer Austin Scarlett. and ironically, I'm working on a bedroom with some midcentury furniture and the walls are a similar color- SW's Jetstream.

  2. Fun to see that design rends really do go in circles! So many of the objects in the rooms you are showing are indeed so hot right now!

    The shell light fixture could have been taken straight from a current catalog!



  3. Great post! Those pics really do look like a page out of the latest design mag!!!! You are fast becoming one of my fav's in blogland! Posts like this make me smile!!!

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