Monday Makeovers!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I’m back doing some makeovers…

The master bedroom has been long overdue for bedside tables. I wanted retro 70’s inspired side tables, and I knew I wanted to go vintage. This proved to be a daunting task.  After much searching I found these slightly worn Italian cabinets…

They had the right measurements and had that strict 70’s vibe I’ve been seeing all around…

Image Knight Moves.

I love this square look in white with a little bit of contrast.

Or fresh white cabinets with a 70’s hardware.

So I drew up a pattern….

…might be hard to see here. But I wanted a Greek key pattern to go all around the front. I wanted it in the color of the already existing hardware.

I love using a different color inside a cabinet for something unusual. I picked Benjamin Moore’s citron.

There’s no reason the inside of a cabinet should be boring.

I wish I could say this was an easy makeover. But it turned out to be one of the hardest ever. The first paint job was a bust, it wasn’t sanded enough and it PEELED right off.  Sorry I don’t have photos of it.

Jose came to the rescue and he stripped the bad paint job, sanded it thoroughly then painted it again. At this point it would have been cheaper to buy a new cabinet!! But you learn from your mistakes.

We used Benjamin Moore White Dove high gloss with a gold spray paint.

The last layer was the gold paint on top. It already had gold handles and gold feet. So we taped the top and painted a square pattern.

A very simple clean look…. but then when you open it up….

..a citron yellow jolt in high gloss!

I of course had to see what it looked like with my new Electric-Orange carpet design in front of it.

I like graphic on graphic patterns.

As soon as I get the bedside lamps I’ll share some pictures from the bedroom.

Then another little makeover…this one will go in the Happy Home Kitchen/Breakfast nook. I want to have vintage options for most items on the site so we’re slowly adding custom vintage pieces.

This fine chair….

With good curves got itself a Happy Makeover….

It’s lime green with a yellow and white trellis pattern. I think this is  a great vintage alternative to our Happy Home Kitchen/Breakfast nook. We have four of them. I think they would look so great around a kitchen table!!

I would feel happy drinking my morning coffee sitting in one of these, so I imagined somebody else would too.

P.S. Are you coming to this? Don’t forget to RSVP here.

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15 thoughts on “Monday Makeovers!

  1. I ABSOLUTELY love your makeovers!! Because of your re-do's I'm going to be re-purposing my new Apt. You really have inspired me. Can't make it to Design Evenings. Hopefully you'll doing other shows in the area soon. *crosses fingers* Thank you for the design inspirations.

  2. The chest is to die for, from the Greek Key inspired pattern outside to the yummy color inside, love it! The chair is not too shabby either! You have an amazing eye…
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. LOVE the inside color!!! That is the perfect size chest and now you have me thinking about looking for something like that for my bedroom!

  4. Hej Jill!
    Forlat att jag ar en sa dalig blog kompis just nu. Jag ligger i som en rav for att organisera varan flytt fran Australien till Sverige och vidare till London. Pust!

    Jatte fina make overs! Du hittar alltid pa sa harliga saker och att komma hit ar som att ta ett vitamin piller!

    Jag skriver till dig en dag nar jag har lite mer ro.

    Stor kram

    xx Charlotta

  5. Jill these are amazing!!! You have such a great vision. I'm all about a 70s vibe, and these are right up my alley. Love the crispness of the white but that yellow makes it pop like no other. And paired with your rug…dying.

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