Modern Marie Antoinette inspiration

This is far overdue.

I’ve been so busy with my label and design clients the last few months, so unfortunately the personality section on LiveLikeYou has fallen behind schedule.  I love is designing rooms to suit outside the box personalities. I’m finally in the process of working on perhaps my all time favorite look –– MODERN MARIE ANTOINETTE!

I’ve always had  fascination with the the time period Marie Antoinette lived in, and as a teenager I walked through Versailles and La Trianon in awe and wonder. So I’m so intrigued by imagining a modern take on her over the top interiors.  I just watched Sofia Coppola’s film about her last weekend for the third time.  It’s crazy delicious, it’s the best cinema eye candy around. If you haven’t seen it, do it, any design lover will go nuts over it!! Here are some images from the film and other Marie Antoinette inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed!

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5 thoughts on “Modern Marie Antoinette inspiration

  1. I am dying to see the movie! Next time you go on vacation and have some free time, I highly recommend the book Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund about Marie Antoinette's life – it's one of my fave reads!

  2. She is really a figure of the universal history. Her style remained alive throughout the centuries. I wish I knew more about her though, she was a person that loved color and sumptuous designs, she had a complex personality.

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