Making our masterbedroom happier

The walls in our master bedroom are beige, yes, believe it or not, there are beige walls in our house. I like bedrooms to be pretty peaceful. The entire room was very muted until last summer, when I added bold blue chairs and painted my vintage desk orange.  So I’m just completing the vibe I started with last summer. The orange desk needed some orange company.  So I decided on an orange headboard. It would make the bed room a lot happier.

Last week I found this lovely image which made the anticipation of my orange headboard arrival even more intense…

This was the happy bedroom I wanted.

I had seen other fun orange headboards…

They definitely spread happiness in a room.  And add a nice focal point as well. My bedroom is beige so I knew that would tone the boldness of it down.

And looking at my bed – was not very exciting business…

OK, this is a really SAD before, picture…Honestly it doesn’t really look this bad. But the moment I snapped this was just a few hours before my new headboard was going to arrive, and someone must have been guilty of jumping on the bed, and had throwing some stuff on the floor…

I wanted an orange pagoda inspired headboard with silver nail heads. So after looking at tons of cool headboards, Cris and I worked on getting the measurements right in the design. (Cris as usual refused to be in the picture again…I’ll get you next time….)

A couple of minutes after I snapped the sad before picture, they arrived with my large headboard. My heart skipped….

This was a BIG headboard!  It definitely would add some spice to the bedroom.

Here is a little peak at how it looks. I’m going to add brown sheets.

These pillow shams are a line of Marmalade Design bedding that will soon come out. I haven’t received the duvet cover sample yet, so I could only snap this. We’ll be carrying duvet covers and shams and curtains. All in simple, graphic designs in a few colors. High end cotton sateen but without the insane price tag of fancy bedding. Can’t wait!!

The other change I’m making in the bedroom is, I’m finally creating a seating area in it. For that I purchased my favorite vintage find or the year!!

A Chinese Chippendale coffee table. I guess I just can’t get enough graphics!

The bed and couch will get some cozy pillows, like these…

White shag/flokati pillows (my new obsession) and a fun Jonathan Adler pillow in lime/yellow.

So far what has arrived mixes with the feeling of the orange desk I painted last summer.

Image:Geoffrey Hodgdon

It’s slowly becoming a happier

Image: Benjamin Tankersley

…but still peaceful bedroom.

I’ll share as soon as it gets completed.

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