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I want to share a really cool place I designed for a fun client in Manhattan. This penthouse apartment got the full work over, turning two apartments in to one, to make a space big enough for a family with two adorable toddler twin boys. The design had to be family friendly, but also a chic NYC space to entertain in.  With a calming back drop of greys, blues and black we added some bold color and pattern throughout.

This is what the living/dining area looked like when work began.
L1090047 copy

This is what it looks like now.


All images by Tanya Malott.

Having two cute young boys as furniture testers was the ultimate design challenge!

We had to make sure the table tops where strong enough so they couldn’t be moved, and of course go very light on accessories as these little explorers sure would love to move stuff around.

0065_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy

This green velvet sectional had to be cut apart to to make it on to the freight elevator. Funny enough taking apart furniture is a service in high demand in Manhattan as elevators don’t fit many of the largest pieces. So there are a few great companies that can work wonders.

I love how great my MARK Road Trip carpet looks in here.

0085_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy 2-2 copy

This red mirror was originally planned for the boy’s room but when we held it out here it was pretty irresistible and it ended up staying in here.

0143_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy

We recovered their existing dining chairs in a fabric I still obsess over. It’s one of my favorite patterns ever!

0146_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy

The fabric kind of set the tone for the vibe of the whole place.

0145_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy

0098_Sorensen-NYC-apt copy 3

How CUTE are these little dudes?

You can view the entire project here.



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