Looking ahead to 2019

Happy 2019!

A new year is always a great opportunity to focus on the year ahead and see what direction you want to go in. Last year my work with women took up a lot of my time. Not only did I launch my charity in LA – Knock Out Abuse West,  I also started writing, giving speeches and getting involved in women’s issues on a more serious level.

So to better align the path of my design company with all that I do and with my bigger purpose in life, which is really to help people, I’m making some big changes that I want to share with you.

  When I first launched my design company online in 2009 it was called Live Like You (hence the name on the blog) . Live like You was a new E-Design concept that sold free room designs online according to personality type. I was passionate about reaching as many people I could to improve their lives via good interiors, instead of just being able to help a few design clients.

What I had not anticipated was how many employees I needed to have it take off, and the difficulties in my personal life that would arrive. While waiting for web designer (who was six months behind schedule) I started this blog and started writing about design, my home design, life and client jobs.

When the Live Like You site finally launched Luke’s father fell ill with brain cancer and our lives where turned upside down for the next few years as he tried to survive.  After he passed away there were huge changes in my life. A move to LA, a need to focus on parenting and Live Like You simply had to come to an end.

Live Like You renderings

When I was designing rooms for Live Like You, I couldn’t find cool bedding.  That’s how my bedding design Greek Key Duvet was born really by a necessity. Since it became the most popular thing on the website, I gave up the E-design concept instead focused just on the bedding and expanding my line to keep things easier.

So for 2019 I’m going back to my original intent….helping people improve their life with good design.

Turquoise Key Bedding

In the next couple of weeks we’re launching my new much improved E-Design concept called Room-Fix. It’s an easy digital design service, that will help you figure out who you are, what you love in your dream home. It will incorporate your history, where you want to go in life, how you want to feel in to the design you will receive for your room. On top of that all furniture pieces will be ordered for you for the best deals and you’ll get a DIY guide how to put every detail of the room together and loads of other stuff in your quest for a dream space that truly reflects you.

I’m honestly tired of seeing people being given interiors that are just standard looks. We are each so unique, we can’t all simply want to live in the same type of interiors. I believe for a human being to truly  thrive they need to be surrounded by a well planned out space that carries layers of the their true essence and incorporates some thought into how they want to move forward. One thing I know, your space can have a very powerful effect on your life.

Stay tuned for Room-Fix. I hope you will find it helpful.

If you are a people person and is interested in making some extra money working with design stay tuned for our Room-Fix Ambassador program. Might be perfect for you.

I know lots of info. I’ll explain more real soon…

Until then I wish you all a very Happy 2019!


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3 thoughts on “Looking ahead to 2019

  1. Wonderful Update and love the new focus. As always you are a wonderfully creative caring person. Love to you and L. The Cruzados.

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