Living with White walls AND Color

If you have followed this blog for a while you might be familiar with my line “Life is too Short for White walls”.  Well ironically, or perhaps to test myself (?) the bungalow rental we are in for the next few months has…yes…only WHITE walls. After living with a kaleidoscope of colors in our old house it felt at first refreshing with stark white walls. But walking through our Virginia house (soon no longer ours…) via Skype yesterday and seeing all the pretty colors – I suddenly felt deprived! Sorry but I really love color!

That’s not t say you can’t create some some cheerful spaces with an all white backdrop. For all renters out there, or white-wall-lovers-but-want-a touch-of-color-people, here are some ways to add color to your space..

Interior design by Emily Henderson.

A great starting point add a– BOLD COLORED COUCH.

Via Belle Maison.

Add  CONTRASTING FURNITURE AND PATTERNS. This fun window seat and dining table certainly does not lack color. (Okay the walls are light gray but you get the point)

Adding COLORFUL ART and PILLOWS and BOOKS is another way to bring color and life in to the space.

Interior Design by Emily Henderson

Hmm…there is something be said about white walls. You can really enjoy the pieces.

Interior design by Emily Henderson.

Let the FLOWERS and SMALL ACCESSORIES add the punch.

Interior design by Amber Lewis.

This cool dining room is framed  by white, but nothing a bright kilim can’t slam dunk.

(Can’t wait for my vintage kilims to arrive next month.)

And last GREEN PLANTS add a lot of warmth.

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7 thoughts on “Living with White walls AND Color

  1. Gorgeous inspiration! I'm with you, I love color on the walls. But I could probably do white white walls in some spaces. I am in a rental too and I keep thinking I would take white walls over our pale yellow walls any day. More modern and fresh!

  2. Yup, this is my style. Love ALL white walls but with all kinds of color all over the place…pillows, chairs, rugs, prints on the wall, plants. Great post Jill. XoXo

  3. Oh my goodness, this is perfect! What I love about painting my walls white is that I can easily pick all the colorful furniture and decors that I like and they will all just fall into pieces. Bright colored and printed seats, throw pillows and carpets are perfect for this design idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

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