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Thank You for all your kind comments and e-mails.  This has been a rough week to say the least, and I hope the most difficult week Luke will ever experience in his lifetime.  He handled the week like a brave young man even writing and giving his own beautiful (and funny) eulogy to his dad.  I could have chosen not to share what we’re going through on this blog, but I have to be honest, I can’t fake it, and life is as we all know is not all about design.  I also think if something bad happens to you, share it, because perhaps it can help someone else.

Something fun this week was the cool article on my design company Marmalade Inc. in one of my favorite online magazines  IVY & PIPER (page 74-91). Looking at the pictures of our home I realize the design you create, is definitely affected by what you’re going through in your life.  Our home is a kaleidoscope of color aiming to create spunk and happiness. I’m always surprised when I see images how colorful it really is, because it’s so peaceful to live in. Here are some screen shot from issue, you can read it and view all images here.

I’m constantly asked the question…where did you get the name Marmalade from?  Marmalade was an amazing cat I had while living in NYC, he came with me to DC when I moved here. Sadly he was hit by a car as soon as I got here, so I when I created my design company it felt appropriate to name it after him.

This is our living room.

Bedroom and living room.

Guest bedroom.

The spunky foyer and the living room curtains.

And finally Luke’s room.

Hope you are having a good week and not letting some of the holiday stress come over you.

To me this holiday will be all about spending time with people I love!

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5 thoughts on “Living in Color

  1. Another big hug to Luke. I've been keeping both of you in my thoughts.

    Oh Jill – these images are gorgeous!! How very exciting to be featured in a magazine!! xo

  2. Life is often very tough and it is brave and thoughtful of you to share your tough times with your readers in the hopes that they might benefit. and I have wondered about the name of your blog so nice to have that nagging little mystery cleared up. I wish you and your family a love filled holiday this year and a successful 2012

  3. Congrats on the spread, it was amazing! I'm sorry to hear about the loss in your family. I can't imagine what that is like. I hope it does help you to share with your readers and perhaps help them in return.

  4. Sorry about the loss again – hopefully things will be better soon. Your entry way is amazing and brave, i would love to do something like that but i would not be brave enough!

  5. We're with you Jill – sending love and energy from afar.

    Hang on in there.

    xx Charlotta

    P.S. the feature is beautiful. x

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