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Interiors affect your mood, your outlook, your emotional well being and even your future.  The style of your home, your possessions, the colors you live with all have an affect on you. In many ways your personal space is a direct reflection of your desires, hopes, and dreams. It reveals your beliefs about yourself and your view of the world.   By changing things in your home it can have a dramatic impact on your life.  Believe it or not – your home can be your greatest ally in achieving your potential!

So, if your home is a reflection of your soul, and can alter you future…why is it that so many interiors are uninspired, generic and even depressing?

Why not live like the unique human being you are?

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Maybe because when you rent an apartment or buy a house, you do what most of us do. You use whatever you have, or visit a well known retailer and buy something that makes sense.   A beige couch, a TV, a rug etc.   Then you can’t figure out what color to paint the wall.  You spend hours, days, sometimes weeks dwelling over what color to paint. And how do you choose paint colors that look good together in your home? So you opt for something basic and safe, or figure you can do it later – because you just don’t have time!!  Perhaps you live in a small town and you can’t find the right stores there.  Or when you do find places to shop, how do you find what’s you?

It can often be a daunting, frustrating task decorating your home.  So you do the safest thing…You order that couch everybody has so as not to make a mistake, and go on living like everybody else. Not living like you.

What if there was a place you could go for endless design ideas and solutions? A website where you could walk through professionally designed homes suited to personality types, and with the click of a button it all arrived at your doorstep a few weeks later?  Instead of a retailer selling you their one look you could find rooms with a mixture of furniture manufacturers, vintage pieces and one of a kind art by interesting up and coming artists.   You would be given paint color selections for every room, design advice on every page. And the design is completely free!

The idea of came to me after the economic crisis hit.  Great design should be available to everybody to enhance their lives no matter what budget. What better place is there to draw inspiration, find peace and let your life take center stage then your own home?

On you’ll find  an ever growing number of entry doors with different personalities, male, female and general identities like this…


Are you Glamour Girl, Stylish City Guy, Urban Cowboy,  Modern Marie Antoinette? Or do you want to live in a home inspired by your favorite movie  Mamma Mia or Under the Tuscan Sun?

Maybe you want to live in your dream style Earthy Modern or Bohemian chic.  The choices are endless. Maybe you’re 007, Single Mom or maybe you’d get a kick of living in a home inspired by the elegant characters on my TV obsession, Mad Men?

Bedside tables too expensive? Click on budget option.  That way you can decide where in the room you want to spend money.  Care about the environment?  Choose green option. We’ll have a custom vintage recycled chair designed just for you.  Need more options? We’ll create a special client area just for you.  Questions? We’re happy to answer as many as you have.

And most important…you’ll have fun!

5% of all sales go to selected charities. Each personality has their own. All charity links and info will be posted on the site and blog.

Remember your home is not only a reflection of you, but it also has the power to shape your future. When you make changes in your home, you may notice that your life can be transformed instantly and dramatically!

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