I’ve been in New York for a few days looking at apartments with my boyfriend.  Looking at apartments in NY is pretty depressing considering the insane prices for what you get.  But what was just as depressing was to see how many people go through their lives and do nothing with their interiors.   Too many places with the eggshell condo wall, the basic nondescript couch…one apartment looks like the next.  Are we so busy we ignore what we love and always opt for what’s considered safe?   I really believe years of  living in an uninspired place will have a negative effect on your life.   Am I wrong?   Tell me?  Life is short – find what you love and express it whatever it is.  Here are a some suggestions that might help you LIVE LIKE YOU!

# 1  FOLLOW YOUR HEART – Whatever you love or makes you happy create it.  Don’t know? Search for it. You don’t have to conform to what’s seen as an acceptable interior. You’re creating a home for YOU!


# 2 HAVE A SENSE OF FUN — How great to come home to something that makes you smile, and be reminded not to take things too seriously.


# 3  BE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS –   Maybe there are ways of using something, in a way you never thought of before?  It’s always great to keep an open mind and be willing to see things in new ways. You might find what you really love this way.


# 4   BREAK THE RULES YOU THINK EXIST – Who says a mirror should be wood or gold?  And who chooses what colors go together?  There are always new ways to do things. Who really decides..


…what wallpapers are acceptable for a bathroom?


# 5 GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE – Create outdoor spaces if you have them.  If not bring the outdoors in, flowers, plants or why not like this?


# 6 CREATE THE UNEXPECTED –  it will keep your sense of wonder.  Put cool wallpaper or unexpected color somewhere.  An over sized mirror in an unusual space…a bold chandelier.  Surprise yourself!

Via DCbydesign

# 7  A DECISION IS BETTER THAN NO DECISION – Don’t think about things too long!!  DO IT!!  Paint it!!  You like the carpet?   Buy it, try it, if you hate it return it. If you don’t love it —  at least you have come one step closer to finding what you don’t like.


# 8  GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE— use the rooms for what you want, not what they’re are expected to be used for. Maybe you’ll find what makes you tick and a whole new way to live that suits you.


# 8 SHARE YOUR HOME WITH “PEOPLE” YOU LOVE – this needs no description!


# 9  MONEY DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS – imagination and creativity  beats money for creating a great interior anytime. Money is not the excuse to an uninspired interior.


# 10   THERE IS NO COLOR OR PATTERN THAT DOESN’T GO TOGETHER – don’t be afraid to mix it. Be being fearless you might find the most magnificent combination. So if you’re the only one who loves it…do you really care?



# 11  LOVE MOTHER EARTH – recycle, reinvent and reuse.  By using something from your past, and adding your own creativity you might just find what’s you!


I could go on and on… but I hope this has given you some inspiration to finding what’s you.  You’ve got any great ideas for creating your home?  Leave a comment I would love to hear!

Have a Happy Weekend!

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3 thoughts on “LIVE LIKE YOU!

  1. Hi Maria, I'm launching an online store in a few weeks selling designed rooms suited to personality types. Would love to sell your table there if you make more!

  2. I was fascinated by the two "hand" chairs- though i am a shabby-chic-beach-cottage enthusiast, i find myself drawn to contemporary and classic items like the beautiful zebra rugs, the pink upholstered french sofa and venetian mirror, and the crisp white dining chairs in two of the pictures.
    if only i could afford them! nevertheless, they are a feast for the eyes and heart of a decorating junkie- keep us inspired, Jill- and i do agree with you- uninspired places and spaces make for and are made by people without passion and phantasie…if only they knew what they were missing in all those 'bland' and boring surroundings…i for one am excited to be hooked on decor and have the 'shiny object syndrome'…smile!

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