Lenny Kravitz…interior designer?

Perhaps I’m the last person on earth to discover this….but did you know Lenny Kravitz has an interior design firm?  I’ve seen his homes in shelter magazines, but I had no idea he heads up Kravitz Design, a firm with a staff of nine!  Possibly one of the coolest rockers on earth (at least women think so) can also be hired to put his rock n’roll style on hotels, homes and furniture. WOW!  Two years ago he played a surprise performance at my charity’s annual event (it’s coming up next week again…). The women who were there that night are still recovering from it…so am I! After looking at his designs, I’ve decided  my house is incredibly unsexy and uncool.  My new design approach might from now on be….hmm…what would Lenny do?

I’m really curious. Do you think is he’s as smoking hot of a designer, as he is a singer?

Lenny Kravitz performing at the Knock Out Abuse event in Washington DC.

Miami house.

Family friendly?

No klutzy guests drinking red wine will be invited here…

Paris residence.

How cool is this Paris pad?

Miami house designed by Lenny Kravitz.

His condo in the village. Just your ordinary dining room in a NYC apartment.

The Delano hotel by Kravitz Design.

His New Orleans residence (I think.)

And did you know he has a furniture line?

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13 thoughts on “Lenny Kravitz…interior designer?

  1. Jill, he rocks! As we all know, but his interior's- really rock! JUST DO IT! Pull some of his style, into your home! Yah! The thing about his carpet is- "if there's red wine spilled" (I asked the same question?) He has carpets and rugs waiting- already cut- that can be brought in the next day! He has some classic pieces, mixed with antiques! So, I could totally see you doing it! I got to see his NYC apt. when it was up for sale recently (I think it still is up for sale?)- it was VERY COOL! All the little details- especially, in his closet & some other places mixed in! Lots of memoribilia- beside's in his "office/music room" and alot of African pieces. However, seeing his Paris apt. on this blog- I LOVED THAT! And, instead of doing the Black Curtains- you could do Navy- like that Oriental blue- which almost show's up as black? There's two Oriental Blue's that people think of- one is really dark and one is that "Porcelain darker than royal blue". continued…

  2. But, do you really, really want to change YOUR beautiful place? Jill, I just love your place- the pictures just don't do it justice! It's a work of art! Plus, if you changed to Lenny's taste- then, I'd think, you start to see the pictures of your home now, and want that back? I'm one of the lucky one's- that have gotten to see AND feel your place- there's SO MUCH personality that a photograph just can't capture! So, pleeze think
    about it! If you're still tickling to do it 6 month's from now, then…Oh, I still vote no! But, it's your home!
    You see, I want your place- not Lenny's! Yours is so HAPPY! Plus, you NEED Color!
    He decorates mostly, in only two-tones, and I think your creativeness would need so much more! You ARE the "color girl!" Especially, Orange! Everytime, I see the color Orange- I think of you!
    So, to my very favorite designer-don't do it! Not in this home! Maybe, you'll move someday? So, you could do it then? Just saying…

  3. OK, one more thing…Jill, YOU'VE really helped me (and I have a few decorated place's under my belt) so when you said in your blog, which inspired me!-
    "DO WHATEVER COLOR YOU WANT!" I must say, it gave me the freedom that I needed (since I'm now staying in a smaller place for the next year) and didn't feel there was any room for mistakes? You reminded me that- "I could always paint over it!" You also said-
    "DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!" well, that was the permission I NEEDED! Permission, I wouldn't have given myself, unless I had heard it from you! So, thank you for your design advice! And, all the other advice! We're ALL proud of you!
    And, I know I can speak for other's!

  4. OK, last comment- something I wanted to say for awhile-
    I WISH PEOPLE COULD SEE YOUR ULTIMATE MASTERPIECE IN BC! Could you ever give the world that gift? My Oh My! Nothing like it! After growing up there (part-time) I had seen many, many homes- but what you had designed & decorated- WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOME, Tenfold! Nobody held a candle to what you had done (especially, in such a short amount of time! 11 months?) Is there EVER a chance you could show the world BC? People would be floored! Just floored! Your talent- for so many different style's- exceed any designer I've seen! Usually, a designer/decorator only is really very good- with one particular look, and somehow- their work is all similiar in a way. Your's isn't. I know you don't ever need praise- you do this because you love it, AND it shows. So, think about it! Because, I know- everyone would just LOVE to see it! Maybe sometime you could do that for us? (big smile!) Julie

    1. Thank You for all the nice comments Julie! So glad to hear your interiors were inspired by the blog. Life is short-live with what makes you happy. People should not be afraid of expressing who they are and how they want to live with interiors!

  5. Nope! He should look at your style! You can mix old with new (and you do it beautifully!). Buying a lot of expensive furniture and putting them together into non-liveable places is not an art! Perfect for hotel lobbys – but not homes. (Although I love that big wood table with the Panton chairs).

    Stor kram paa dig.


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